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White County Solar and Wind Public Hearing

Justin Greenley from Bellwether presented the Solar and Wind Ordinances for the state to the White County board. The requirements, liability and insurance reports, permitting and maintenance conversations were discussed, but public comments were only left with a couple of minutes to voice their concerns.

Doug Anderson, White County Farm Bureau Manager, asked how the county would determine the level of decontamination from the solar and wind farms. Dustin Harmon, with Bellwether, and State Attorney Chris Neal stated that they would look into it.

A very concerned resident, Tiffany James, hoped to get answers about her ongoing concerns.

 “Who’s going to hold the solar companies feet to the fire to abide by the ordinance? Because so far, it’s not happening. They’re not following the ordinances that are already in place. They’re not being held accountable for anything. My most recent email from my contact with Invenergy says 50 decibels is that of a quiet office and is too stringent for an operation system that allows construction.”

Board member Amanda Cannon asked the million-dollar question,

 “They’re not even going to attempt to stay up in the ordinance that was already in place. So, legitimately, who does she contact besides, I mean, where does this go up?”

Does the state realize what is going on in Southern Illinois? It doesn’t seem like it, and the members of the White County Board are in a bind.

James also commented,

 “Safety is a huge concern. People are driving however they want out there. My child has been followed up the driveway getting off the school bus. It took me two weeks to track the individuals down, but I did. I asked for a fire plan for eight months and they refuse to give me one. They tell me it’s none of my business. Ten acres burnt in Enfield, correct? They’re not going to have an acre in any direction before my home is gone. There is no fire hydrants, the closest one is a quarter mile away and it is not going to be any good.”

Members came up with an idea to send the company a letter requesting information, with State Attorney Chris Neal stating that he would get it done from his office.

The public meeting was closed, with the possibility of hearing from Invenergy to help with the

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  1. Fed Up
    Fed Up
    April 24, 2024 at 2:34 pm

    Try living up here in Calvin with these oilfield idiots running wide open with no regard to homes, kids, pets or other traffic.


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