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White County Board Meeting Was Held Tuesday

Story Courtesy of Mack Knight

The White County Board meeting was filled with a reel of many issues covered-from members of the community to the White County Sheriff.

The meeting started with Adam Allen, the White County Ambulance Director, commented on the recent loss the ambulance department suffered this past month. However, Allen is hopeful that these upcoming months will make up for it.

Jeff Knight, a White County resident, is dealing with a matter in which he never saw coming. After the massive flood that struck White County and many surrounding areas back in 2012, his families property was deemed flood zone. When he learned of his legal¬† need for a city flood permit, he sought out the Tax Assessor, Terri Abell. Though this may not seem an issue that would be presented before the White County Board, after nearly a year and four months of no comment from Abell, the issue has grown larger than Knight can handle on his own. The board members assured that the issue can and will be handled within the next month, but State’s Attorney, Denton Aud must be present in order for a decision to be made.

The other matter presented to the board was the separation of the county and city jail. The Sheriff of White County, Randy Graves, introduced the conversation by saying how the two have been conjoined since 1975. While the county has never asked for a payment, the city’s Police Department has always offered half out of the kindness of their hearts. Chief of Police, Jason Carter, was asked by Graves to make a statement saying that while their time together as a department was well spent, it has come to a close. Besides other expenses, Carter said that the city has spent a large amount of their funds on dispatches in assistance to the County, but after 1.4 million being handed out in year 2022 alone, both Graves and Carter believe that the County is more than capable of being self sufficient on their own. Jason Carter focused on the idea that the separation is merely due to a lack of space and financial circumstances, none of which to do with the City and County Jail’s relationship.

They White County Board is in recess until Tuesday, November 9th, when they will adopt the new White County Budget.

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