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White County Board Calls Special Meeting To Deal with Treasurer’s Office

The rumor mill is churning out quite the narrative regarding an upcoming special meeting of the White County Board.  It was called yesterday and is scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday) at 5:30pm.  The official meeting notice only lists “Operations of the Treasurer’s Office” on the agenda before an executive session to deal with personnel and/or litigation.  Some have surmised the county board is trying to oust County Treasurer Pam Armstrong, but no one with knowledge is commenting.  There have been issues with property taxes going out on time for the last 2 years.  Many counties were delayed, but none as long as White County.  Some blamed Supervisor of Assessments Terri Abell’s office.  Others say there have been numerous failures of the treasurer’s office including failure to make timely distributions of taxes collected to local governments and the school district resulting in threatened lawsuits against the county.  The special meeting will be held at 5:30pm in courtroom A of the White County Courthouse.


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