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Two White County Citizens Honored For Completion Of Drug Court

The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are – Unknown

Though that feels like an easy decision to some, when you’re stuck in addiction and feeling there is no way out, deciding to take that first step to recovery is a very scary one, but that is exactly what Jack Weasel and Tara Fitzgerald did!  On Wednesday, in front of a large group of supporters, Weasal and Fitzgerald received diplomas from the White County Drug Court program!  There were cheers and tears. The celebration continued as the guests were served pizza and cake. Wesel recently celebrated 18 months of sobriety. He began his drug court on July 1st of 2020. Fitzgerald recently celebrated 13 months of sobriety. She began her Drug Court in 2017.

Graduating Drug Court is no easy feat! Drug Court is a court-supervised, comprehensive drug addiction treatment program for non-violent offenders. It is a voluntary program. If you choose to apply and are accepted, you will be required to follow the instructions given in drug court by the judge, comply with directions from the probation officer, and comply with your individual case management plan and treatment plan. Some of these requirements include regular court appearances, attendance at treatment sessions, and close supervision by the Drug Court Probation Officer, drug testing and support groups. The program is divided into 5 phases.

Phase I (Minimum 60 days)

~Weekly Court Appearance

~Three or more meetings with probation

~Drug testing 3-4 times a week

~Treatment, as recommended

~Recovery support meetings


Phase II (Minimum of 90 days)

~Alternate week court appearance

~Continue with probation

~Drug testing 3-4 times a week

~Continue with treatment and recovery support meetings

~Obtain employment or attend school if applicable


Phase III (Minimum of 120 days)

~Court appearance monthly

~Continue with probation

~Drug testing 3-4 times a week

~Treatment as directed

~Continue recovery system

~Maintain employment or school


Phase IV (Minimum of 120 days)

~Court appearance monthly

~Drug testing as directed

~Probation as directed

~Continue recovery support

~Establish a payment plan


Phase V (Minimum of 5 months)

~Continue Care phase


As you can see, this is definitely not an easy program. Wesael and Fitzgerald completed every phase needed to successfully complete this program.

Congratulations to you both for all of your hard work and determination!!

For more information on the drug court program call the White Count Probation Department at 618-382-8520


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