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Print Shop’s Knight Working to Ensure No Kid Sleeps on the Floor in White County

“To think that there kids in our communities not sleeping in a bed of their own and that some other sleeping arrangement is just amazing.”

Those the words of Kyle Fenton, the White County Chapter President of Sleep in Heavenly Peace.  He’s been involved with the organization since he heard about it in 2019.  Between two and three hundred beds have been built and delivered throughout White, Saline, and Gallatin Counties since then.  He and a crew of 50-60 individuals were at it again Saturday morning in downtown Carmi for another bed build event sponsored by Lowe’s and locally, Amber Knight and The Print Shop.

“Shoutout to Amber Knight from the 103 and The Print Shop.  She’s done a great job in bringing in funds.  We’ve had some great folks…there’s probably been 10-12 different supporters that have helped with donations and we’ve collectively have raised the $15,000 needed to build the 60 beds we’re building.  That includes sheets, pillows, blankets, mattresses, and the beds.”

Knight herself has been involved with the bed build projects since her first opportunity.

“I believe it was 3-4 years ago, our church did a build over at First Christian.  My whole family went and we got to build beds together.  It was very rewarding; makes you feel good to help your community.  So Kyle came to me and asked if I thought I might be able to help get one going over here by the shop and I said of course.”

Among those community supporters who have helped fund this project, the Carmi Kiwanis Club, Slay’s Restoration, First Bank, Jansen Ford & Chrysler, Carmi Emmanuel Church, White County Farm Bureau, Botsch & Associates, Frame Worx Construction, and State Farm agent Dave Matheny.  Knight credits the giving nature of fellow leaders in the community and while thanking those partners for coming through, says there’s still time to give for future projects.

“They did come through and it’s still coming.  I’ve gotten text messages this morning from people saying they’re bringing me a check so it’s still happening and you’re still able to give if you want to.”

It takes a lot of help to make 60 beds in a day.  Luckily, the volunteers were aplenty.

“We are absolutely gonna make it.  We’ll stay here all day if we have to.  There are actually people here that I don’t even know so getting it out there has been so helpful.  There are people here that I’m not even sure they’re from Carmi.  I even have a classmate of mine I haven’t seen since we graduated and she brought her family over to help.  It’s a lot of different people…an eclectic group, but they’re all here for the same purpose and same goal and we’re going to get it done.”

Knight and Fenton both say the impact of having their own bed and being able to get a true good night’s rest makes such a difference for kids.

“I have multiple friends and of course [my husband] Willie who is in the school system and everyday there are stories of people who just don’t have what they need, some basic needs and how it really affects them at school everyday.  Those kids that maybe aren’t behaving, not learning, or who are just plain tired and it’s because they don’t have some basic needs at home.”

If you yourself or you know a family who might need beds, Fenton says the process is pretty simple.

“So if you go on to, you can go in and find our chapter and apply for a bed.  It’s not a long application process and then we’ll contact you and make sure of the need, identify if there are animals so we’re prepared and they can have space cleared so we can bring the beds in.  We actually set up the beds ourselves, make the beds and do all that stuff.  The recipient doesn’t really have to do anything other than let us know they could use it.”

It’s estimated as many as 500 young people under the age of 18 in White County alone are living in poverty.  Fenton says it’s not the kids faults and in many cases it’s not anyone’s fault.  It’s the circumstances.  Regardless, he aims to help as many kids, some who he says have never in their lives had a bed, get one.

“It’s the circumstances.  I delivered a bed recently.  The kid is 11 years old and he’s been sleeping on a couch for his entire life.  Or other circumstances…they don’t have room or they needed a bunk bed and didn’t have the money for it.  There’s such a need out there and people don’t understand it.  It’s this unseen thing.”

Fenton says he could absolutely use some help with the White County Chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace if others feel led to get involved.  He could use delivery managers and he says he’d welcome a co-president as well.  You can find the organization online at and on facebook or call 1-844-432-2337 x5541.


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