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Grayville Wants You; Mayor Lays Out Pitch for New Resident Attraction

Grayville wants you…and they want to pay you to take up residence there.  At Monday night’s Grayville council meeting, Mayor Travis Thompson laid out how he’d like the New Resident Attraction Program to work.

“A family, $8,000 after two years and it’s for purchasing a home valued at $60,000 or more.  The mayor and council could consider a home purchased for less than $60,000 at any time on a case by case basis.  And then one summer free of swimming at the Grayville swimming pool for the children of the new residents.  If it were for a couple with no children, it’d be $6,500 and then if they’re single, it’d be $5,000 after two years purchasing a home.  At the end of the two years with proof of the following, they’d get their money:  proof of ownership and residency; they must not be late on any utility payments for two years, and any children must be enrolled in Grayville schools.  If they’re below school age, consideration would be given in year 3 and 4 to grant the full family incentive.”

Thompson says the goal is to get more people into Grayville, and even more importantly to get more kids into the city and school system.

“The more people we have, the more residents or dwellings and businesses we have, is when you can start to look at lowering taxes and your rates as far as gas, water, and sewer would equalize and not have to constantly be raised.  Because you’ll be selling more water, sewer, gas thus bringing in more money.”

The mayor says he wasn’t looking for a vote, but just wanted to put some verbiage out there and for commissioners to take that, give it some thought and come back with their own thoughts.  With that, discussion was tabled for future meetings and continued discussion.

Additionally Monday night, Grayville Council considered a lease to own program for new police vehicles through a dealership in Salem, Indiana.  Commissioners agreed the dollars and cents looked like a good decision, but decided to wait until Treasurer Sharon Walden and City Attorney Jay Walden returned to examine the opportunity more thoroughly.

Chief Robert Hatcher also gave a police activity report Monday night.

“We had 189 calls for service in December.  13 case files open, 3 arrests made, 38 citations issued and 14 written warnings, no motor vehicle collisions.”

Council also took an ask for a loan from a local business and turned it into a grant Monday night citing the businesses circumstances and it’s commitment to community as the reason.

“So Chappy’s is not part of a TIF District.  The reason being the person who owned the bar at the time at the time of the TIF District being created was the mayor at the time.  So my recommendation is that we grant Chappy’s the grand total of $25,248 with no loan.  It would be a simple grant due to their property taxes they’ve paid in that would normally have gone into TIF funding.”

That money will be used to help the popular local eatery get a new oven, new bar stools, tables, and other assorted merchandise.

Grayville Council adjourned about 7:30pm and will next gather on Monday, January 22nd at 7pm.


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  1. Terry LoLeen
    Terry LoLeen
    January 9, 2024 at 6:20 pm

    I would like to comment on the part of the article concerning the lease to own of police vehicles from an Indiana dealership. Did I miss something in the article about this being put up for bids or anyone on the council going to local dealerships in our County to see if they could match the deal or better yet come in lower than Indiana’s offer. I was under the a**umption big purchases had to be put up for bids. I mean the very first thing the meeting opened with is the council considering an incentive program in getting families to move to Grayville so taxes and utilities would be lower and getting more children into the Grayville School system yet you’re going to take the taxes paid by current and new residents across the State line to buy vehicles. I understand if every avenue in our own County and State have been exhausted the council has to go elsewhere but to not even try to deal with our local businesses is a big reason we have nothing in this County and the businesses we do have are locking their doors and going out of business because of these very things. So I’m a little confused on that one.


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