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Grayville Sells Property, Issues Warning to Pet and Property Owners, Sets Swimming Pool Hours and Prices, and More

City Treasurer Sharon Walden says Grayville needs to tighten up spending as cash available is down to just over $50,000.

We just had our bonds due; our water tower payment of $80 some odd thousand so we really need to watch…we won’t have any tax money coming in from the state until about the 10th of May.  We also would like, with the council’s approval, to transfer from our First Bank e-pay account $100,195.  You have a print out in front of you what the balance is and what we’ll be transferring to Fairfield National Bank with the council’s approval.

That motion passed unanimously.

Also prior to executive session Monday night, Grayville leaders heard from their engineer, Rex Gower of Milano & Grunloh.  He provided updates on the Water Main replacement/extension which includes an easement on Pulaski Street, Albion/Grayville Water Treatment Plant, OSLAD (Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development) application, and proposed Clayton Homes subdivision development.

City Attorney was thrilled to see the 33-year-old White County Landfill litigation come to a close.

The property that made up the White County Landfill has been sold.  Those proceeds along with the agreed percentages paid by the municipalities have been delivered to the plaintiffs in the pending litigation.  And as a result, this afternoon, the plaintiffs filed a motion to voluntarily dismiss the complaint.  To the best of my knowledge, that should conclude all matters from the city’s perspective relating to the closure of the White County Landfill.

Commissioner Andi Ford has a message for pet owners and folks who don’t do basic upkeep of their properties in Grayville.

Addressing dog owners who are not cleaning up after their pets at the park, asking them to dispose of waste properly.  Also no dogs are allowed on the ball field and I think a sign or two put there.  During the GAA’s cleanup, they got into quite a mess because people aren’t cleaning up after their pets.  Failing to comply may result in a fine in accordance with ordinance 90.05.

Also, we have not been issuing any letters to people for overgrown yards…I was gonna let everybody have the weekend.  9 out of 10 times, any complaints come in from a neighboring property owner so it’s not us going out and picking on people…that’s usually how it happens.  So if someone has a complaint, they need to call or come to city hall to voice it…we’ll go and inspect the property, take some pictures and determine if it’s something that warrants a letter.  If a letter is sent, and this isn’t just for grass, it goes for all ordinances…junk, anything…they have 15 days to comply with the letter from the date the letter is written.  If they don’t, they could be fined and we hope they pay the fine and actually rectify the situation, which usually doesn’t happen.

Commissioners then retreated into executive session at 7:15pm for about 18 minutes.

Upon reconvening, council agreed to the sale of property at 201 West Commerce to Levi Foster for $4,500.

201 West Commerce
Grayville, IL
image courtesy of Zillow

The city pool will open for the season on May 25th with the same prices as last year in effect for 2024.  They include $2 per session, $50 season passes for individuals.  Sharon Walden has details.

Last year, hours were 12-6 Monday through Saturday and 1-6 on Sunday.  We have adult swim from 11-noon Monday – Saturday.  That’s not adding any hours; the lifeguards are cleaning at that time.  Free Sunday swim that will be sponsored.  Admissions, daily $2 per person, season ticket $50 for individuals, family of two $90, family up to four $125.

Pool parties are available from 6-8pm at a cost of $50 per hour.  There will also be water Zumba available on Thursday evenings.

Grayville leaders approved a TIF 1 agreement with the Smoking Bong Head Shop to the tune of $28,300.  Commissioner Don Baldwin abstained.

In new business, council members approved the American Legion/VFW to solicit donations on June 8th in advance of Flag Day from 8am – noon.  Commissioners also approved parade permits, one for a Memorial Day parade on May 27th at 10am and the annual Grayville Days parade for August 31st from 3pm – 4pm.  Finally, the group confirmed the gas liability insurance renewal with Shepherd Insurance for $7,403.

Council adjourned at 7:45pm and will next gather May 13th.

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  1. Freida Horton
    Freida Horton
    April 24, 2024 at 7:07 am

    Also in accordance with the dog waste, all used tampons, condoms, empty beer cans, bottles, cans cut up with lawn mowers for kids to step on, busted gla** bottles, people hitting the signs surrounding the ball field with ball bats, the comments left in chalk written in the shelter houses, the used golf clubs left in one of the shelter houses after busting up a mirror, the dead skunk ran over by a lawn mower not once but twice, I can go on about the park but I think I have mentioned enough for now.


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