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Grayville Council Meeting Recap 1-24-22

Story provided courtesy of Jeremy Smith for TOC News

The Grayville City Council met in regular session last night (Monday night).

The Treasurer reports $1,807,401.51 in the restricted account, $934,262.30 in the investment account, and $265,197.09 in cash available for operation, for a total of $3,006,860.90. Also reported was tax revenue from White County for the library in the amount of $2,232.59, TIFF1 received $36,724.72, and the City of Grayville general account received $39,402.73.

Commissioner Jordan reported three sources of oil revenue in the amounts of $608.41, $901.97, and $325.93. He also reported the Friends of Grayville End of Fiscal Year 2021 Report. Friends of Grayville started the year with $9,479.07. They received $18,265.05 in revenue and showed expenses in the amount of $15,489.62; for a balance of $12,254.50. Friends of Grayville was able to put back $7,735.79 into the community. A full list of donations can be found on the Friends of Grayville Facebook page. Currently Friends of Grayville are seeking $5,000 in assistance from the city with $2,500 going to each of their two currently scheduled events respectively. Grayville days funds this year are starting with $11,166.75, they are requesting $20,000 from the City to help with expenses for the 2022 Grayville Days.

Mayor Thompson reported the city is still under a boil water notice, but the city hopes to have it lifted by Tuesday Afternoon or Wednesday.

In old business the council approved the amendment to the traffic schedule under Ordinance 921, and approved adoption of Ordinance No. 923 vacating platted Pulaski Street.

In new business the council approved the audit proposal from Botsch and Associates for amounts not to exceed $15,250 each year over the next three years; and the council approved moving forward with feasibility studies for the Albion water filtration plant.

The next regular session Grayville City Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 7th at 7:00 p.m. at the Grayville City Hall.

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