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Enfield Village Board Met Tuesday; Annexation and Trash Cans Discussed

The Enfield Village Board met last night for its regular monthly meeting.

The board discussed expanding the village by annexing property up to the 4-way intersection.  It could mean more tax money for Enfield and those new residents could see some of their taxes lowered.  Some of the board members wondered if those affected would even want to be part of Enfield.  It was decided that they would look into the matter after the holidays.

The board agreed to change Police Chief Mark Worlds’ insurance.  He will switch from Country Companies, with a $1,240 a month premium in which the village paid half to his wife’s insurance policy, which has a monthly premium of $960 and the village will again pay half.

Worlds also asked the board members if they would be willing to pass an Auxiliary Police Department Resolution, which is approved by the state.  It would allow him to hire and train a part-time officer.  There would be no cost to Enfield.  It was decided that they would look it over and make a decision at next month’s meeting.

The only bid for the property for sale at 304 West Main Street was accepted.  It was from Debra Stone for $3,500.

Also, several residents have two trash cans even though the contract with Republic says they can only have one.  Republic charges $5 a month for an extra trash can and Enfield itself will charge another $1 for a total of $6 a month if someone wants to have two trash cans.  A letter will be sent to those residents notifying them of the situation.

In the Utilities report, a gas line was installed for a resident and the department is now looking at purchasing a new utility truck.

The board went into an executive session for 17 minutes with no action taken.


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