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White County CEO Unveils 2022/2023 Class

The largest ever White County CEO Class is now in session.  CEO Facilitator Tracy Orr shared with us a class photo unveiling the seventeen seniors taking part in this year’s program.  Among them are ten Carmi-White County students including Dacin Rudolph, Mackenzie Pringle, Emma Roedder, Kadence Driscoll, Brenna Russell, Tyler Goemaat, Madison Degenhardt, Gracie Rawlinson, Devani Mendonca, and Chadessa Smith.  The NCOE seniors include Lydia Vinyard, Miah Scroggins, Jaeden Scherrer, Taylor Johnson, Braden Mendoza, Bree Vollman, and Hollan Everett.  The students will be meeting every morning throughout the school year, visiting area businesses to learn more about the local economy; eventually creating a class business and subsequently creating and launching individual businesses in the spring.  Orr says she’s beyond excited to be working with this year’s crop of future leaders.

L-R Row 1: Lydia Vinyard, Miah Scroggins, Jaeden Scherrer, Braden Mendoza, Devani Mendonca, Madison Degenhardt, Emma Roedder
Row 2: Brenna Russell, Bree Vollman, Chadessa Smith, Taylor Johnson, Hollan Everett, Kadence Driscoll, Dacin Rudolph, Gracie Rawlinson, Mackenzie Pringle, Tyler Goemaat

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