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White County CEO Administrator Tracy Orr gives Kiwanis Update on New Class

Tracy Orr was the guest speaker at Carmi Kiwanis Club meeting on Thursday, Aug. 24. Orr is a familiar face, as she has spoken to the club a few times. On Thursday, she spoke of the new CEO class. This is the second year for her as the White County CEO Facilitator, and she indicated this year she is trying to just sit back, and keep her mouth shut. Anyone that knows her understands this is a hard task for Tracy.

This year’s class consists of one boy and 10 girls. The list of professionals includes Emmajoy Gray, Josiah Irwin, Faye Yang, Haylie Fulkerson, Brittany Anderson, Christy Hunter, Hayley Ramirez, Chasity Carver, Alex Thomas, Rainey Windle and Mason Williams. The personalities are all different and they form a great group of kids, stated Tracy. They have only been in class a week, but have already really taken off and seems like have been exposed to a lot.

On the first meeting, Tracy explains the class, and then throws a name badge on the desk and says “we have to have these.” The class then has to figure out how they are going to buy them. She said a lot of them say “we have a credit card,” but they cannot use their own funds; they have to figure out how the class can buy them with no funds. They are still working on this task as of Thursday’s Kiwanis meeting.

This year’s theme is: What do you NOT know about White County. Tracy is already amazed at what the kids do not know – such as Elastec starting in Phillipstown, and Martin and Bayley is the hub of the Huck’s stores. She also mentioned when they went to Merle Norman, most of the young ladies in the class didn’t even know we had a makeup store right here in Carmi.

The class submits journals each week for Tracy to review. Some things she has been delighted to read are how appreciative they are of the program and how grown up they feel having to dress up. They say CEO is simply blowing their minds. They are excited, eager and quiet, but deliberate.