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White County 4-H Livestock Auction Results

Blue Ribbon Chicken, Brooke Rahmoeller, Burnt Prairie Fertilizer
Blue Ribbon Chicken, Jalynn Phillips, McArthy Law
Grand Champion Rabbit Fryer, Johanna Zieren, Hines Trucking
Blue Ribbon Rabbit, Nevaeh richardson, SGI Transportation
Blue Ribbon Rabbit, Hailee Ellerman, Cherry Street Automotive
Blue Ribbon Rabbit, Alliyanah Richardson, Carmi Police Dept.
Blue Ribbon Rabbit, Aubrey Carter, Jordan Funeral Group
Blue Ribbon Rabbit, Aaliyah Richardson, Rice Motor Company
Blue Ribbon Rabbit, Kinley Carter, White County Farm to Table
Blue Ribbon Rabbit, Breyton Sauls, SGI Transporation
Blue Ribbon Cattle, Marlee Fuqua, Peoples National Bank
Grand Champion Barrow, Samantha Stallings, Scates Valley
Grand Champion Gilt, Quinn Forston, First Bank of Carmi
Reserve Grand Champion Gilt, Liam Forston, Hale Body Shop
Blue Ribbon Cattle, Bailey Buchanan, Burnt Prairie Fertilizer
Blue Ribbon Cattle, Kerrigan Black, West Farm Trucking
Blue Ribbon Cattle, Promiss Roser, Hines Trucking
Blue Ribbon Cattle, Hunter Robinson, Rally Points & Shoe Sensation – PBR
Blue Ribbon Cattle, Katelyn Garner, Fairfield National Bank & Rick Barbre
Blue Ribbon Cattle, Abe Roser, Viserion Grain – Tony Banks
Blue Ribbon Cattle, Aaliya Robinson, Rally Points – PBR
Grand Champion Steer, Braxton Wheeler, Nutrien Ag
Grand Champion Heifer, Annsley Healy, Nutrien Ag
Reserve Grande Champion Heifer, Nate Garner, WPB Farms
Blue Ribbon Cattle, Lane Buchanan, Cherry Street Automotive
Blue Ribbon Swine, Cooper Fuqua, David Campbell
Blue Ribbon Swine, Addy Sutton, McArthy Law Office
Blue Ribbon Swine, Travis Nausley, Hale Body Shop
Blue Ribbon Swine, Kate Vollman, In Memory of Brian Fechtig
Blue Ribbon Swine, Kallen Sutton, White Co. Farm to Table
Blue Ribbon Swine, Cora Sutton, Big Iron Auction
Blue Ribbon Swine, Eli Bryant, First National Bank of Allendale
Blue Ribbon Swine, Elie Vollman, Banterra Insurance
Blue Ribbon Swine, Abe Sutton, Gholson Pump & Repair
Blue Ribbon Swine, Kassie Nausley, Ferrel Hospital
Blue Ribbon Swine, Cole Roberson, Banterra Bank
Blue Ribbon Swine, Kenley Black, Posey Co. Coop/Synenergy
Blue Ribbon Swine, Jordan Stallings, Hale Body Shop
Blue Ribbon Sheep, Reece Gholson, Wabash General Hospital
Blue Ribbon Sheep, Hallie Gholson, First National Bank of Allendale
Blue Ribbon Goat, Debo Roser, Nutrien Ag
Blue Ribbon Goat, Zeke Roser, Fairfield National Bank
Blue Ribbon Goat, Naomi Roser, Nutrien Ag
Blue Ribbon Goat, Grace McCarty, Novus Ag New Haven
Reserve Grand Champion Ram, Emmaline Draper, Jordan Funeral Group
Grand Champion Ram, Lincoln Draper, Doug Winters Farms
Grand Champion Sheep Wether, Trey Dixon, Botsch & Associates
Grand Champion Goat Buck, Sydney Stallings, Citizens National Bank
Grand Champion Goat Wether, Mossyn Blazier, Carmi Family Dental
Grand Champion Dairy Doe Goat, Daisy Roser, Sydenstricker Nobbe Partners
Auctioneers: L-R Rick Davis, George Johnson, Amy Dixon, Cole Fechtig, and Levi Marsh
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