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Updated List of Bear Sightings 4-6-2020 as of 10:30am

List of known locations for your “Bear Hunt”.  Have other locations?  Send them now to

Lincoln School 113 10th Street Carmi
Jefferson School 713 4th Street Carmi
The Original Company, WROY/WRUL 101 N. Church Street Carmi
1st Mid Bank & Trust 116 W. Main Street Carmi
State Farm – Dave Matheny 122 E Main Street Carmi
Banterra Bank 1310 W Main Street Carmi
Dartt & Company, LLC 114 S. Walnut Street Carmi
Town & Country Real Estate 124 E. Main Street Carmi
First Bank 201 E. Main Street Carmi
Shelter Insurance – Kati Sturgal 221 E. Main Street Carmi
Mark Gwaltney Construction 124 E. Main Street Carmi
Residence 311 Third Street Carmi
Residence 104 Plum Street Carmi
Residence 501 7th Street Carmi
Residence 201 Cameo Ln. Carmi
Residence 203 Griffith Drive Carmi
Residence 411 Iris Lane Carmi
Residence 208 4th Street Carmi
Residence 114 5th Street Carmi
Residence 410 Montgomery Circle Carmi
Residence 108 Montgomery Circle Carmi
Campbell Funeral Home 609 W. Main Street Carmi
Illuminent of Carmi 107 E. Main Street Carmi
Residence 203 Plum Street Carmi
First Bank 1206 W. Main Street Carmi
Don Phipps and Sons 901 Oak Street Carmi
Residence 107 East Kerney Carmi
Residence 202 Paint Creek Lane Carmi
Residence 208 Paint Creek Lane Carmi
Residence 200 Fairground Road Carmi
Residence 309 3rd Street Carmi
Residence 620 S Church Street Carmi
Residence 1424 CR 750 East Carmi
Residence 813 Stewart Street Carmi
Residence 700 Wilmar Drive Carmi
Residence 213 College Blvd Carmi
Residence 801 Thomas Street McLeansboro
Residence 914 W Fackney St Carmi
Residence 501 Hillsdale Drive Carmi
Residence 304 West Main Street Carmi
Residence 207 S. Church Street Carmi
Residence 217 State Street Carmi
Residence 700 Smith Street Carmi
Residence 1515 CR 1000 East Carmi
Residence 203 Griffith Drive Carmi
Residence 2109 CR 1800 East Crossville
Residence 409 Hamil Crossville
Residence 409 S Church Street Carmi
Residence 904 Oak Street Carmi
Residence 111 Fair Street Carmi
Residence 504 West Sycamore Carmi
Residence 134 10th Street Carmi
Residence 100 Maple Street Carmi
Residence 506 Illinois Street Carmi
Residence 300 Walker Street Carmi
Residence 708 Oak Street Carmi
Residence (Colony West) 1422 County Road 750 East Carmi
Residence (Colony West) 1420 County Road 750 East Carmi
White County Courthouse (facing Main Street) Carmi
Wabash Christian Supportive Living 532 Abelson Drive Carmi
Huck’s 1107 Oak Street Carmi
Taylor Eye Care 1684 Falcon Ave Carmi
Carmi McDonalds 1300 W Main Street Carmi
Second Time Around 125 East Main Street Carmi
Peoples National Bank 180 Commerce Street Carmi
Edward Jones Financial Advisor Grant Gee 107 N. Church Street Carmi
Carmi Taekwondo Center 106 E. Main Street Carmi
Neat’s Vintage Treasures 1208 West Oak Street Carmi
Carmi Health Center 103 Commerce Street Carmi
Mr. Muffler 1108 East Main Street Carmi
Glitch Tech 127 East Main Street Carmi
Carmi Township Building 304 S. Church Carmi

List of known locations for your “Bear Hunt”.  Have other locations?  Send them now to
A list of addresses where known bear sightings can be guaranteed will be made available on the Carmi Kiwanis Club facebook page as well as in continuing coverage posts from WROY/WRUL on social media and the website, 

That’s right, the Carmi Kiwanis Club has organized a bear hunt…or more appropriately, a “Teddy Bear Hunt” that encourages both the young and young at heart to [at a safe distance] venture out from seclusion and go looking for bears in windows.  Members of Kiwanis as well as the business community and even some residents are encouraged to place teddy bears in windows of their facilities and homes to offer those who are feeling cooped up a fun and safe activity to get out of the house, enjoy the nicer weather, and share some joy together.

Anyone is welcome and encouraged to participate and it can be as simple as placing a teddy bear in your window to an elaborate display.  Kiwanis members hope that it will offer you a chance to get creative.  If you’d like your bear featured, you can send a message to the Carmi Kiwanis facebook page or email your address to  Names will NOT be included in the address post for privacy and as a safety precaution and “hunters” are reminded to stay off of private property and to “hunt” from a safe distance in light of the CDC’s distance guidelines during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Carmi Kiwanis Club’s mission is to “serve the children of the world” and members hoping this effort will enjoy this fun event.  You’re encouraged to take selfies with the bears you find in the background and post them to the Carmi Kiwanis facebook page.

Happy Hunting

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