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Powerful Storm Barrels Through Grayville Leaving Damage and Several Trees Down

Significant damage throughout the area, namely in Grayville and into Indiana has some folks wondering if it was a Severe Thunderstorm that rolled through Sunday or a tornado.  Hail, localized heavy flooding, and several downed trees served as a reason for the community to come together Sunday afternoon.  Pictures of trees across roadways, crashing through fences, falling on cars and coming through roofs are all available on the WROY/WRUL News facebook page.  As is usually the case, the community buckled together to tackle the cleanup effort and there are also pictures of teams of friends and family smiling as they worked together to chainsaw through large limbs and carry off debris.

Luckily, to this point, we’ve heard of no injuries.

Meanwhile, in Indiana, it could take a few days to clear all the trees that came down.  The local power company, Vectren shows 71 outages in the area and still more than 1,000 people without power there as of early this morning.