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Norris City Village Board Monthly Meeting Held

The Norris City Village Board met for a little over an hour and a half Monday night with a full agenda.

Scott Mareing was there and has this report…

There were three TIF requests.  First from Justin and Alyssa Dawson of Big Inch Industries, who own half of the old Barnes Building at 109 East Main Street.  They asked for money for building repairs to replace falling bricks on the side of the wall where there used to be a building next door to them, as well as money for the leaking roof at a total cost of $67,700.  Their goal is to put in an upstairs banquet hall and let other business reside there.  Lisa Partain of Lisa’s Attic at 106 East Main Street is asking for $5,950 for repairs to their leaky roof, in addition the TIF monies she requested at February’s meeting.  And Red’s Recoil gun shop building on East Main, which also includes the Villagers’ Voice, is asking for $37,250 to replace the roof, awning and window on the gun shop and replace the roof and the awning at the newspaper.  As is procedure, the board will take all the requests under advisement for next month’s board meeting.

The board members are considering redistricting of the TIF area.  There are three different options under consideration, or they could decide to do nothing.  They agreed to proceed and discuss it with their TIF attorney.  Whatever they decide, it will take from four to seven months to make the change.

Cody Jones will be hired as a new police officer effective April 1st and he will attend the police academy in May.

The board agreed to use Coronavirus CURES funds to purchase cage wire for the police vehicles to divide the front seat and the back seat where the suspects are placed, and also to purchase a new police vehicle and keep the backup Jeep for the department as a spare.

In the police report for February, there were four reports written, no arrests made, one citation issued, as well as two 9-1-1 calls.

They also decided to hold the village’s money in two CD’s in cash and then move it to Banterra Bank in Carmi to a federally protected account.

The board will take under consideration the purchase of a Salt Dog Pro-3000, which is a salt and sand spreader, for icy roads, along with a shelter to store it as well as the salt and sand.

People at five different properties will be sent letters of cleanup or demolition.

The ambulance fund will be dissolved, the account will be closed, and the money will be donated to the Dairy Days Committee.

The village will sponsor a team for the April 3rd Golf Scramble for a donation of $320 and donate $200 to have the village’s name on t-shirts for the NCAA summer ball season.

The city-wide rummage sale will be held on May 6th and 7th, and city-wide cleanup will be from May 9th to the 13th.

They decided to not hold an Executive Session.

The next Norris City Village Board meeting will be held on Monday, April 4th at 7 PM.


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