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Norris City Board Studies TIF Request


Donovan Mead made a request to the board to use TIF money to help him purchase the building on 105 West Main Street and equipment to start a metal fabrication shop. The building would cost $30,000 plus $2,000 for equipment. The board members agreed to table his proposal to look into it further and make a decision at next month’s meeting, saying they would be likely to approve it.

Luke Marsh, who is in charge of getting a welcome sign put up for people entering Norris City addressed the board. He contacted a company in California that would design a sign saying “Welcome to Norris City” to be put up on the north side of town on Highway 45 at a cost of approximately $3,000. It would be made of sturdy high density urethane and would replace the current sign there. The board approved spending $1,500 to start the process of designing the sign and asked Marsh to look into purchasing two more signs to be placed on the south and west ends of town and see if they can get them at a reduced cost.

Oiling and chipping of streets was approved using approximately $40,000 from Motor Fuel Tax funds. Work should be done by the end of July.

Maintenance and painting of the elevated water tower will be briefly delayed until all the equipment has arrived.

Inspection of the dam went well with only minor work needing to be done.

There is still a problem with dogs running loose. Police are issuing tickets.

Board member Joe Skaggs was appointed as Ethics Officer and Jack Johnson was re-appointed to the Ambulance Board.

In the police report for May, there were 15 reports written, five arrests made and eight citations issued, as well as seven 9-1-1 calls. A suspicious vehicle was stopped for littering, which resulted in numerous traffic tickets and an arrest for obstructing, when it was discovered the driver was lying and used several aliases, social security numbers and dates of birth in different states. Another suspicious vehicle was stopped which was occupied by a registered sexual predator and two females. And someone during the Freedom Rock event turned on all of Ray Saponka’s outdoor faucets full blast, which stayed on for three days and flooded his property.

Joe Skaggs will be mayor pro-tem from June 7th through the 16th while Mayor Roy Kissell is on vacation.

The next village board meeting will be on Monday, July 1st at 7 PM.