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NCOE Board approves tax levy at December meeting Wednesday

The NCOE School Board met during a short meeting on Wednesday night, December 16.

The School Board approved the 2016 tax levy as presented by Mr. Vollman. Amounts levied were $864,000 for education; $200,000 for operation and maintenance; $94,000 for transportation; $20,000 for working cash; $153,000 for municipal retirement; $100,000 for tort immunity; $18,750 for special education purposes; $90,000 for social security purposes; and $20,000 for fire prevention and safety. Due to the EAV dropping by five millions dollars, the District will receive less property tax money in 2017 than in 2016.

The Board also voted to abate $173,560 in bond payments that will be paid from the one percent tax monies received. This amount is a property tax relief and not included in the current levy.

Mr. Flechs and Mr. Haley both reported that the winter concert was a huge success and well attended last weekend. The Board and Administrators thanked Mr. Austin for his efforts. They congratulated the NCO and Booth combined Jr. High band; the High School band and High School choir who took part in the event.

Mr. Haley reports almost 3,000 loaves of bread were baked by FCCLA members this week at the High School. He praised Mrs. Henson, community members and students that make this annual project such a success.

Both NCO and Booth had their PTO Jingle Bell Shops open last week for children to purchase inexpensive gifts for family and friends for Christmas.

The Board voted to let bids for gas/diesel products at the January 2016 meeting.

The next meeting will be January 18, 2017.