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Joyce Jefferson
Joyce Jefferson
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Long Executive Session for Grayville Council

The Grayville City Council spent more time Monday night in Executive Session than conducting public business.  After whizzing through the reports portion of the meeting, council abdicated for what would end up being two minutes shy of an hour executive session.  The result of all that talk behind closed doors?  “No executive session action” Mayor Travis Thompson announced a mere twenty seconds into resuming the gathering.  That session was set aside to discuss employment within the Police and Utilities Departments, Collective Bargaining, Setting of a price for sale or lease of property owned by the public body, and the purchase or lease of real property for use of the public body including meetings.

Commissioners, the mayor, City Treasurer and City Attorney then took up old business including the Utopian Power Solar Project Proposal and Power Purchase Agreement.  Attorney Jay Walden said he had gone over the agreement and it met or answered all his questions.  Commissioner Browning still had concerns over the project’s reclamation.

Browning:  “Is the city going to do the 25 year?  When it’s over, is Utopian going to clean it up or is the city going to have to?”

Walden:  “Basically what you have in those situations, and the oil fields are a great example, they have that obligation.  Will they be there in 25 years to be able to do it?  We don’t know.  But the agreement is worded in such a manner that they should.”

Browning:  “Well I knew it was stated where we could buy the program after 5, 7…I just don’t think we need to be…I just want to make sure when it’s all said and done that they’re the ones cleaning the mess and not us.”

Commissioner Baldwin made the motion to accept it, Commissioner James seconded and the rest of the council agreed with the exception of Browning.

Arlynn Stroman from Botsch and Associates presented the annual audit.  She says it was a rough year for the city’s balance sheets with operating losses but the net position was still strong.

Council also heard from a representative of the Grayville Beautification Committee.  There were concerns over improvements at the depot however because it could potentially get into ADA compliance and turn into a serious financial issue.  Finance Commissioner Andi Ford…

“I thought we talked about that at the first meeting.  You’re talking about repairing a floor.  I’m not saying it would make us have to be compliant, but I would definitely want to check to make sure before anything was done.  Because once that gets started, then the grandfathering in of the depot is out the window and then we end up having to make; there’s no possible way we can put a handicap accessible restroom in there, make sure doors are wide enough, put a ramp.  We need to make sure before we touch anything inside having to do with structure that it does not make us have to be completely compliant with ADA.”

Council approved Amanda Buckwald from Bernies for a Revolving Loan in the amount of $6,000, released an easement at the I-64 Plaza, and agreed to a gas line extension at the plaza that will amount to not more than $30,000.  Grayville will celebrate Halloween on October 31st from 5pm – 9pm.  The group adjourned at about a quarter before 9pm.


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