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Cathy Taylor
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Lengthy Enfield Board Meeting

The Enfield Village Board met Tuesday Night for about two hours.  Scott Mareing was there and has this report…

There were two main topics of discussion:  the first being a joint police force between the towns of Mill Shoals, Burnt Prairie and Springerton in conjunction with Enfield.  After much discussion, it was decided that village representatives will get together with the White County Sheriff’s Department to discuss details, as dispatch fees will undoubtedly be part of the equation.  Then they will get together with the three towns and possibly hold a special meeting to decide where to go from there.

John Williams and Hunter Larkin with John M. Williams Insurance spoke to the board concerning life insurance for village employees, which would be paid through payroll deduction with no cost to the village.  Benefits would be permanent and portable with $3,000 of accidental death coverage.  Policies would be either whole life or term, and they would file your claim for you.  After a long discussion the board gave them permission to talk to employees individually about what coverage is right for them.  Williams Insurance will also work with the village on getting employees health coverage through Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

An animal control ordinance was passed.  It would limit the amount of domesticated companion animals in a residence to two of the same species.  The ordinance goes into effect on July first.

The board approved the Motor Fuel Tax Resolution with Brown and Roberts, spending $9,800 from the $15,000 allocated in the budget for the paving of streets.

Work on street lighting is continuing.

They are waiting on the water meters to come in for the water project.

There is still no information concerning the small business grant.

The town wide rummage sale will be held on Saturday, May 18th.

They are looking at setting hours for animal control with emergency calls being allowed after hours.

The evaluation of the new Utilities Department employee, Andrew Inboden, is going well so far.

After many attempts to contact the owner, the Tran property has sold to someone who has agreed to do the clean up.

The board adjourned at 9:09 PM.

  1. worm
    May 15, 2024 at 10:46 pm

    im confused on how an animal control ordinance is here to help the town? animals are better companions than anyone in enfield 😭

  2. James
    May 16, 2024 at 10:24 am

    TO: Worm / No town is going to allow you to have 50 dogs in your yard. Nor will they allow you to turn your place into a drug dealer trading post. You could always move! But then that would take effort and work.


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