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Joseph All the Time – Carmi League of Arts Presents “Dreamcoat” June 21-23 for 50th Anniversary

Courtesy of Hailey Winkleman for WROY/WRUL News

The Carmi League of Arts Proudly Presents Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, June 21-23! The League is excited to celebrate their 50th Anniversary with this musical reimagining the Biblical story of Joseph and the coat of many colors.

Joseph is unique in that each song is a different genre of music, from a country ballad to an island calypso. The show is also quite short, and combined with its energetic and colorful atmosphere, this makes it fun for all ages.

The League previously performed this show in September 2001. While the show did go on the week following the terror attacks in New York City, attendance was low compared with other League events.

“For our 50th Anniversary we thought, ‘What if we did something that didn’t get the recognition it deserved the first time?’” said director Sherry Passmore. Director Lynn Cantrell agreed, and work began to produce this colorful and spectacular musical.

Cast of 2001 production of Joseph

A key aspect of organizing this production and celebrating 50 years of the League was bringing in alumni who haven’t performed in more recent shows. Kregg Winkleman, for instance, hasn’t been onstage in 16 years (now taking the stage as Jacob’s eldest son Reuben). Debby Murphy-Hyatt is returning to Carmi specifically to reprise the role of the Narrator, which she performed in the 2001 production. The oldest cast member is Don Winkleman, appropriately playing Jacob at 86 years old.

Debby performing in 2001 with Egyptian Chorus (notice Sherry Passmore on the front left)

Not all of the faces onstage are returnees, however; this play will feature a team of Junior Dancers and a Children’s Choir featuring actors as young as seven years old. The full cast list is at the bottom of this article.

Another important part of creating a show like Joseph is the community support. As a non-profit organization, the League strongly relies on partnerships with like-minded, thoughtful and community-minded individuals and organizations to thrive. Putting on a show like Joseph costs $3,600 before purchasing any costumes or building any sets, but the community has risen to the occasion.

“I have been overwhelmed and indescribably grateful for the way our community is supporting this production,” said Publicity Officer Hailey Winkleman. “We have raised more funding than ever before to cover a show that is really quite expensive to produce. Also, for the very first time, we have a billboard on Main Street courtesy of Botsch & Associates! It’s really amazing to see the way people are celebrating our anniversary.”

Billboard on Main St

The League is still accepting Partnerships until May 31 if you or your business would like to support Joseph. You can learn more by downloading their Partnership brochure or contacting Hailey directly.

You may also send a personal ad for cast members in their commemorative programs for just $25; t-shirts are available from Evil Eye Creative Studio for $20; and yard signs are available from The Print Shop for $15.50.

This support has allowed the League to offer some ways of giving back to the community. For instance, they are offering a 25% discount on tickets for any group of 10 or more that attends Joseph. There will also be a free art show on display in the lobby during the play weekend. More information about submitting to the art show will be coming soon on the League Facebook page.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat will take place in the CWCHS Auditorium (800 W Main Street). Friday and Saturday performances are at 7:30pm with a Sunday matinee at 2:30pm. Adults are $10, K-12 students are $5, and children pre-k and younger are free.

This production is made possible through partnership with WRUL/WROY, Botsch & Associates CPA’s, Kregg Winkleman Roofing, and a generous anonymous donor.

JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of The Really Useful Group.

Full Cast List

Narrator – Debby Hyatt (understudy Hailey Winkleman)

Joseph – Zach Mitchell

Jacob – Don Winkleman

Reuben – Kregg Winkleman

Simeon – Kyler Fisher

Judah / Butler – Daniel Slaton

Naphtali / Baker – Keith Jackson

Isachaar / Potiphar – Mike Erwin

Levi – Doug Hays

Asher – Kaleb Collard

Dan – Ryan Bartley

Zebulun – Lane Camp

Gad – Noah Collard

Benjamin – Cody Rouse

Mrs. Potiphar – Ellen Legg

Pharaoh – Keegan Dennis

Chorus – Niki Lamont, Sheila Westfall, Ellen Legg, Alyssa Caudill, Maeve Dolan, Ellie Orr, Hailey Winkleman, Chris Talley

Dancers – Emma Legg, Grace Sneed, Kensey Cox-Day, Alex Vaupel, Niah Haley, Kenley Kays

Jr. Dancers – Gwen Headlee, Claire Legg, Gabby Mullins, ZoeBeth Caudill, Jonah Collard, Timothy Caudill

Children’s Chorus – Jonathan Caudill, Cole Youngblood, Jax Prince, Banks Arnold, Remy Dennis, Willow Cox, Maren Haley, Georgia Sexton, Hadley Williams, Holly Hays, Finley Weiss, Ember Weaver, Rory Veatch

Directors – Sherry Passmore, Lynn Cantrell

Music Directors – Grace Sinclair, Tracy Orr

Choreographer – Karen Camp

Technical Director – Hailey Winkleman


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