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Grayville to replace Park shelter, approves Water Department loan

The Grayville City Council met for their second March meeting Monday night at City Hall.

A motion to rescind last meetings resolution authorizing $700,000 in Rural Development loans for the Water Department was passed unanimously, and a new resolution for $1,000,000 in loans for the department was passed with no opposition.

The awarding of bids for City mowing parcels was tabled until next meeting so that more bids could come in.

A resolution entering into a partnership with the Bonpas Water District was also passed unanimously.

The Council agreed to close part of First Street and an alley for Old Skool Kustoms Grand Opening on May  14th.  The streets will be closed from noon to 9pm for the event which will feature vendor booths and a live band.

Two resolutions were passed unanimously to amend the traffic code.  A new four way stop will be installed at the intersection of South Middle and East Commerce, and the City will make the block on  the north side of West North Street between First and Second a no parking zone.

Mayor Bisch said that the Park Shelter house near the pool was in very bad shape, and the Council agreed to use City workers to demolish the structure.  The mayor said he would look into costs to replace the shelter and that he would report his findings at a future meeting.

Work also continues on the new park downtown.  The area has been dug up, and Bisch said that the next step will be to remove the numerous rocks and bricks that have been unearthed before new dirt and sod can be installed. The Council also agreed to a bid of $6,690.88 to re-plumb the chlorine building as the old pipes and drainage have become unusable.

All Library board members with expiring terms were extended for three years, and the Council accepted the resignations of Linda Glover, Chuck Turner, and Janet Neely from the Zoning Board.  Nominees to replace them on the zoning board are being sought, and the Mayor and the Council thanked everyone for their service.

In the Utility Department report, the bathrooms at the basketball courts will remain closed at the park so maintenance and repairs can be made.  The bathrooms at the baseball diamonds are now open and will be available for the summer ball season.  Work on the fountain will start soon, and potholes at the intersection of Commerce and Second will be filled.

The City’s new dump truck should arrive in four to six weeks, two older dump trucks will be traded in at that time.