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Grayville School Issues Statement on Inappropriately Conducted Search of Student

On Thursday, September 29, 2022, Grayville CUSD #1 was engaged in a student disciplinary investigation. During this investigation, administration believed the student could have concealed evidence on the body. This evidence, if discovered, would have confirmed a violation of both school policy and state law. As the investigation progressed, the school administrator called the student’s mother. During the ensuing conversation, the administrator explained to the mother where items can often be concealed on the body. During this conversation, the parent told the administrator she wanted them to search the student’s body. Administration was extremely grateful for the mother’s cooperation and for her support in a potential disciplinary matter concerning her child.

Administration relayed mother’s request to two female employees of the school. The instructions for conducting the search were vague and lacked specific direction. The district employees instructed to perform the search were untrained to search students and should not have been directed to conduct a student search. Admittedly, the search was intrusive, but the student never removed her undergarments. District personnel conducting the search never physically touched the student. The District acknowledges this type of student search should not have been conducted. The Grayville School District is extremely sorry for the embarrassment and stress this event has caused the student and her family. The School District is equally sorry for placing this student in a very uncomfortable situation. Administration accepts full responsibility for this incident. Administration also apologizes to the two school employees who were directed to conduct the search, a search that all parties agree the two employees should never had been in. Administration should have exercised better judgement and provided better direction. The School District’s top priority is to maintain a learning environment where all students feel safe and secure. This includes safeguarding our students’ rights and freedoms. This must remain foremost in everything that we do. The parents and guardians of our School District entrust their children to us on a daily basis. We assure you, we will do what is necessary to regain and preserve this trust. The children in our school deserve and should expect the best from all of us every day at Grayville C.U.S.D. #1. This will be accomplished by a complete review of current district policies and procedures, as well as state laws, and continuing education for all staff with periodic review.

There have been many comments and accusations made on social media regarding this incident. Many of them are factually inaccurate and contain incorrect and misleading information. The parents in this case have asked the School District to reach out to the public and request those that are communicating misinformation to refrain from doing so and to please respect their privacy. The district stresses the importance of contacting the appropriate school staff members first when a concern arises to gather information before misinformation is shared that could be harmful to individuals.


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