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Grayville Runs Another Marathon Meeting

Grayville Runs Another Marathon Meeting

New Mayor Travis Thompson has certainly not disappointed any Grayville constituents who wanted a thorough government. With at or nearly 20 items on each of the last two agendas, meetings are routinely lasting close to or over an hour and a half. And while some business has gotten done, nearly half the items Monday night were tabled for further review.

In business that did get accomplished, following executive session the Grayville Council agreed to grant Groff Memorial Library’s request for an additional hire at up to 16 hours per week for that new worker. Grayville City Council also officially approved the job posting, both internally and outwardly, for a new Grayville Police Chief and/or Patrol Officer. Chief Mann, who has served in the role for nearly 5 years revealed earlier this year that his wife had taken a job in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He tells WROY/WRUL News that once he’s got enough time in later this year for his pension benchmark, he’ll formally resign the post. No specific date has been nailed down however.

A new two percent fee is being added for Grayville residents who choose to pay their water and gas bills by credit/debit. The fee makes up for the city transaction fees that the card issuers charge the city. Mayor Thompson says without the fee, the city itself is losing about $1,000 per year.

After discussion, council determined it wasn’t necessary to remove the Park Shelter below the hill. Mayor Thompson and Councilman Tyler Howell both voted no however. It was the mayor who originally suggested the tearing down or removal of that damaged shelter at the last May meeting. The shelter has been determined to be sound, though council members admit it looks bad. It’s still possible the city will work to fix the pole that was backed into.

The Grayville Community Arts Association will receive $100 from the City of Grayville. Commissioner David Jordan says he was told of the 90 children signed up to participate in the summer Arts Camp, around 25 of those kids might come from homes that would find the fees to participate a hardship. In return for it’s donation, the City of Grayville expects to have it’s name listed on the shirts participants receive.

The city also decided once again to participate in Illinois South Tourism. Jordan noted that Westwood Recreation was active with the Bureau and that seemed to be a factor in him leaning to participate at the lowest $225 level versus not participating, stating that “it behooves the city to support that business as much as they can given that it’s success is Grayville’s success.”

The city attorney and commissioners had no reports. The Mayor urged residents who have experienced discoloration in their water to send in letters as soon as possible as they could help with the city attaining a Community Block Grant.  Treasurer Sharon Walden reported the city’s assets at $2,063,895.37. Of that, Bond accounts hold $6,488.61. Investments are at $886,613.83. Restricted Accounts amount to $964,230.61. And Grayville has $206,562.32 cash on hand.