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Grayville Leaders Say No to Demo Cars in City Limits, Approve New Liquor License, Considering Moving to Diagonal Parking on One Side of East North Street

If the Grayville Days drama Monday night wasn’t enough, the Grayville Council had several other business matters to sort through as well.  Commissioner Don Baldwin was absent and his vote could have potentially altered at least one consideration.  On the topic of allowing race/demolition cars within the city limits, Commissioner Chris James voted to abstain following discussion.  Commissioners David Jordan and Tyler Howell voted to deny permitting of those vehicles in the city while Mayor Thompson voted opposite.  Police Chief David Burrows spoke at length on the difficulties in enforcing allowing it and made it clear he was not in favor of allowing it but said he would respect the council’s decision if they voted otherwise.
In other business, it was Chief Burrows who recognized that following the sale of the Super 8 hotel and Guadalajara, the council needed to act on liquor licensing.  The previous owner, Keith Botsch of Carmi, held the license as the owner of both properties.  Now that they’re operating separately, Guadalajara ownership is in the process of acquiring their liquor license and the new owner of the motel requested a Class E license to serve alcoholic beverages as part of evening receptions.  Commissioner Jordan voted against.
Also Monday night, Grayville government agreed to setting a sale price for a property located at 142 North 5th Street at $300 following closed session.  Mayor Thompson gave an update on abandoned property demolition saying there were a total of 4 more properties to come down in short order.  The council also reset a public hearing date for the Small Business Stabilization Grant to June 15th at 6:45pm with a special meeting to follow.  Leaders voted to take part in the WADI (Wabash Area Development Incorporated) Work Match Program which should allow the city to get up to two workers at no cost for summer help.  One will be tasked with assisting in mowing and weed eating duties while the other will work in the city office to assist with digitizing of documents.  Commissioner Chris James made the motion saying he had taken part in the program as a young person and that it was valuable for him as well as the business he worked at.
It’s also possible that parking on East North Street will move to diagonal instead of nose to tail parking.  In doing so, it’s estimated Grayville will gain 10 to 12 spaces.  Before moving forward, Police Chief David Burrows says he will talk with a striping company to look into costs and what degree of slant is best for that street.
City leaders will convene in regular session once again on June 22nd at 7pm.
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  1. Barry Jacque
    Barry Jacque
    June 9, 2020 at 9:49 pm

    Hi Grenville, just want to drop a note regarding your Demo car debate. If it makes a difference to the council please know I was a young boy with no direction living in the midst of a small town and Numerous potential paths in my future. It was the ability to house a derby car on our property that kept me from idle hands and mind which I thoroughly believe played a huge role in diverting me from the stereotypical path of a teen boy that grew up without a father. The skill set learned as a young boy from building derby cars led me into a vocational degree into career with a company that then paid for my bachelor’s degree followed by a career that far exceeds my own and most likely many others expectations. If I can provide any insight at all please consider the positive affect that comes with the exposure to such as hobby and do not take it away from your local youth.

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