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Grayville Council Makes Headway Monday Night

Grayville City Council Makes Headway Monday Nigh.


Travis Thompson, candidate for Grayville mayor continues to be a regular at meetings and spoke on behalf of the Little Wabash Fire Protection District.  The group was requesting a utility cost reduction.  That request was granted lowering the monthly cost from $225 to $125 per month.


Attorney Jay Walden discussed with the Council his final alterations to the Dispatch Services Agreement.  It seems White County and Grayville have come to an agreement.  Walden simply wanted to make the language resemble an Interagency Agreement.  Because said agreement will be back dated to January 1st of 2019, the general consensus was to go ahead and make the modifications prior to officially placing it on the agenda to consider and approve.  Walden indicated he expected it to be on the next agenda.


Council approved hiring SI Title to assist in attaining the High Street vacating process.  Attorney Walden said at last meeting though he was capable of doing some of the legal due process, he’d feel more confident having the Title Company do so saying they’d have access to more thorough records.  Furthermore, he thought the investment would be affordable.


Chappy’s was approved for the other portion of their request from the previous meeting.  Repairs and upgrades needed at the local restaurant are proving to be costly and ownership approached Council asking to utilize monies from both the TIF district and also a Revolving Loan Fund request.  The TIF request was approved at the January meeting.  Last night (Monday night 2/25/19) Council approved a Revolving Loan request in the amount of $13,870.


The Grayville Chamber of Commerce also made a request for TIF funds for roof repairs needed at their building.  The amount of $7,500 given will be split between TIF 1 and 2 monies.


Council approved up to $4,500 to purchase Heating and Air units for the Pavilion.  Leaders decided it would be best to utilize monies out of the Hotel/Motel Tax Fund rather than TIF monies due to concerns surrounding whether it would be a qualified request out of the TIF funds.  There’s currently more than $24,000 available in the Hotel/Motel Tax account.


Ordinance 867 was passed, vacating a portion of an alley in Block 14 known as the Martin’s addition.  A portion will become property of Dustin and Dana Schroeder with the remaining becoming property of Dale Hayes.


No official reports from attorney, mayor or commissioners save for David Jordan reporting oil receipts in the amount of $2,149.76 for the month.  Jordan also said his committee is closing in a finalized budget.


Reporting from the Grayville City Council, I’m Jc Tinsley.