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Grayville City Council enters gas agreement with USDI

The Grayville City Council met for the second time in November on Monday night.  Following the Treasurer’s report, Mayor Bisch announced there would be no executive session, as the Council was not ready to hire a new full time utility employee.

A bid of $13,345.69 from Randy Funkhouser and Josh Bell was accepted for the city property located at 116 N. Middle Street.  Details about the transfer of the property will be discussed with the new owners.

The Council unanimously approved the appointment of Mayor Bisch to the Wabash Valley Water Commission as the new entity goes into formation.  A permanent member will be appointed after the Commission is established and is up and running.

With the resignation of Scott Irvin earlier this month, the Board was forced to enter into an emergency agreement with USDI to manage the City’s gas operations.  USDI was chosen over Consumer’s Gas as the company already does engineering on the gas system, and can begin operations today, before Wednesday’s ICC visit.  While under contract with the City, USDI will waive the current yearly fee for engineering work.

It was announced that the City is aware of complaints of dirty water and low water pressure, especially around the park.  The water is being tested and has come back safe.  Part of the issues will be addressed with a new main that has been approved.  The City’s water consumption has doubled in the past six months, and the Water Department is investigating why there was so much increased usage.

Mayor Bisch and Commissioner Jordan both thanked the public and all those who helped make Saturday night’s Christmas parade a success.

The meeting adjourned at 7:13 and the Grayville City Council will meet again on December 12 at 7 pm.