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FMH honors staff for years of service

Front Row (from left to right) – Robin Johnson, Charlotte St.Ledger, Chelsea Bittles, Staci McGill, Vanessa Bangert, Kari Zurliene, and Mavis Tate.

Back Row (from left to right) – Kimberly Musgrave, Laura Nettleton, Bonnie Catton, Karen McKinney, Marla Lafikes, M.D., Robert Koker, Melanie Perkins, Scott Abbott, Morgan Griffith, Gina Lemond, and Jeff Wise.

Unavailable for the photo: Lindsey Endsley, Kelsey Ropp, Priscilla Poore, Vivienne Woods, Darrell Milam, and Melissa Lewis.

Fairfield Memorial Hospital recently hosted a special luncheon to honor staff for their many years of service.  Service Awards were given to those who have served as Fairfield Memorial Hospital Association employees for five, ten, fifteen, twenty, and thirty years.


Serving FMH for five years are Marla Lafikes, MD, Horizon Healthcare; Lindsey Endsley, Horizon Healthcare; Chelsea Bittles, Horizon Healthcare; Robin Johnson, Maintenance; Laura Nettleton, Med/Surg; Kelsey Ropp, Laboratory; Bonnie Catton, Skilled Care Unit Activities; and Morgan Griffith, Cardiopulmonary.  Those serving FMH for ten years are Charlotte St.Ledger, Foundation Director; Vanessa Bangert, Therapy Services; Staci McGill, Therapy Services; Mavis Tate, Therapy Services; Kari Zurliene, Therapy Services; Priscilla Poore, ER; Scott Abbott, Surgical Services; Vivienne Woods, Med/Surg; and Karen McKinney, Laboratory. Those serving for fifteen years are Jeff Wise, Maintenance Director; Robert Koker, Maintenance; Darrell Milam, Laboratory; Melissa Lewis, Surgical Services. Gina Lemond, who works on the Skilled Care Unit, was recognized for serving FMH for twenty-five years. Kimberly Musgrave, who works in the Emergency Department, and Melanie Perkins who works in Diagnostic Imaging, were specially recognized for their continued dedication to the facility for thirty years.


Katherine Bunting-Williams, Ph.D., FMH CEO, said, “Among these 24 employees there is a cumulative total of 275 years of service in our facility.  Each of them come to work with a true servant’s heart.  These dedicated employees sacrifice so much to work in healthcare day in and day out for years and years and provide their best for this community, and their dedication does not go unrecognized.  I believe we will see these same individuals to be awarded again in another five years because of the culture we foster here at Fairfield Memorial Hospital. I am so thankful and proud to have such a hard working, dedicated, and skilled staff here at Fairfield Memorial Hospital.”