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Six Challengers Join Four Incumbents Running for CWC Unit 5 School Board in Spring Election

Four of the current seven Carmi White County Unit 5 School Board members will try to retain their positions in the spring election.  Tom Scates, Barb Mitchell, Nathan Whetstone (appointed following the resignation of Andy Acord), and Brent Hammell all turned in petitions ahead of the December 19th deadline.  Joining the incumbents on the ballot will be Aaron O’Daniel, Bill Chapman, Kenny Hargrave, Brent Edwards, Minerva Lovell, and Jason Edwards.

The consolidated election will be held on Tuesday, April 4th of 2023.

Petitions submitted for the NCOE School Board include Paul Black, Kyle Hoskins, Maggie South, Rhonda Forston, Taylor Marsh, and Matt McArthy.

Submitting petitions for Grayville Unit 1 include Stephanie Hatcher, David Hall, Bobbi Browning, Brian Campbell, and John Trimble.

All three school boards have faced scrutiny in the last year.  In Unit 5, there was concern over hiring practices.  In Grayville, citizens were outraged with how a student search was handled.  At NCOE, parents have expressed anger in how/when the district notified parents/guardians about potential threats.

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  1. John Stockton
    John Stockton
    January 18, 2023 at 2:38 pm

    When I ran for BOE , those running would type up a if elected strategy/ plan to the public. Is there anyway you could reach out to those running for BOE so public would have a idea on who to vote for?


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