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Enfield Village Board Meeting Held

A short but productive Enfield Village Board meeting took place last night.  Scott Mareing was there and has this report…

The Food Shoppe suffered smoke damage after a fire last month, and Ricky and Amanda Mangrum, who lived above the store, moved a mobile home onto the property to live there temporarily until they could find another place.  They were told that they could do so as long as it was only for a short time, but they have been there ever since the fire.  So the two were ticketed, along with the owner of the adjacent property the mobile home is on, and have a court date scheduled for January 13th.

The village was going to close the alley behind Billy Bob and Nina’s, but owner of the alley, Robert Kaiser, passed away several years ago and his widow, Ruby, who lives in Norris City, paid taxes on it this past June.  They have been unable as of yet to contact her, so until they do the matter will be put on hold.

The two village signs on both sides of town, which have been there for quite a while, will be refurbished by the Print Shop in Carmi at a cost of $10 per square foot, or $320 a sign.  As the signs are attached to their posts by a liquid adhesive, they will have to remove the signs and posts to work on them.

A grant application has been accepted from Wabash Valley Development Inc. to allow the village to purchase a new squad car for the Police Department and it will pay 80% of the cost.  A new squad car is much needed as the current one is about 21 years old.  All that is now required to get the grant is a letter from the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office stating that Enfield is in good standing with the state, which they are currently working on getting.

A new printer has been purchased for billing purposes and will be installed Wednesday.

The board approved language for excavating permits to avoid any confusion and to make sure companies abide by the rules.  If they don’t comply, then the village can keep the $1,000 permit fee.

22 children attended Santa’s House at the village building Sunday, December 12th and all received $25 gift cards.

No one signed up for the Shop with a Cop program.

Finally, a 15 minute Executive Session was held and it was decided to give all five employees $1,350, before taxes, in Premium Plans out of the American Rescue Plan funds Enfield received for COVID relief.

The board adjourned at 7:46 PM.

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  1. Amanda Mangrum
    Amanda Mangrum
    December 27, 2021 at 3:03 pm

    My name is Amanda Mangrum and I’m extremely curious as to where you recieved your information from in regards to the “facts” you have written in this article as to be true?!? Let me share with you the correct facts surrounding the fire. Let’s begin with that it was most definitely NOT mere smoke damage. The damage was actually very extensive to the rear side of the building and has left the structure extremely unstable as the fire devoured much of the back wall spanning both levels, as well as the entire back floor of the second level, which is now unable to be accessed as the floor is going to collapse at any moment. Which the true level of damage may have been able to have been correctly announced if the local fire department had followed legal mandated procedural requirements and had actually returned at any point after the fire occurred to properly assess the severity and amount of damage in fact sustained and completed the investigation, or any investigation at all for that matter. Also, there has been not one single individual speak with us whatsoever following the fire, not from the board, not from the fire department, not from anywhere, so your claim of us being told, “They were told that they could do so as long as it was only for a short time”, is complete fabrication. The origins in which the damage appears to have started are visually highly questionable so I have recently contacted the state fire marshal because I would like to know without a doubt if the fire that took the life of 8 of my beloved pets and almost took the life of my son and husband was in fact an accident or not. As my fire has now been 6, possibly 7 mysterious home fires to occur in less than 12 months. Maybe you should investigate and report on that. I also have several other rebutes to your claims however, they are far more trivial than the ones I spoke of in this statement.

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