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Dartt Pleads Guilty in White County Court Monday; Will Face 3-14 Years

49 year old Brian Dartt of Carmi is now awaiting sentencing following a turn of events in White County Court Monday afternoon.  Dartt was in court for a final pre-trial; shortly after those proceedings, States Attorney Denton Aud says Dartt plead guilty to the Aggravated DUI Resulting in Death charge he was facing.  It was late July when a two vehicle crash occurred on Illinois Route One near the intersection of County Road 400 East that resulted in the death of 18 year old C.J. Richardson of Norris City.  Dartt’s potential sentence could be anywhere from 3 – 14 years and he’ll be required to serve at least 85% of whatever sentence he receives according to Aud.  The states attorney says it’s also possible the judge could instead sentence Dartt to probation for up to 4 years, but the Court would have to find extraordinary circumstances exist to impose a sentence of simply probation.

In exchange for Dartt’s guilty plea to the Class 2 Felony, the remaining charges were dropped.  Richardson’s parents were present for the court hearing.  Dartt is scheduled to be sentenced on March 3rd at 9am.

  1. Shsron Terry
    Shsron Terry
    January 4, 2022 at 11:08 am

    He should get life.He killed a young boy.CJ .Dartts needs the same as the young kid.Dartt took his life.CJ was a jolly boy that puts a smile😀😀 on all the kids face.CJ was a great kid come on Aud .make him pay for it.😯😯

  2. Jamie
    January 7, 2022 at 2:20 pm

    He should have gotten death. That is vehicular manslaughter dui. No exceptions

  3. Concerned citizen
    Concerned citizen
    January 8, 2022 at 11:48 am

    3-14 years for Aggrevated DUI that resulted in the DEATH of an innocent young man? Does this man’s lengthy criminal history in this county not be put into account? An innocent life was lost because you can’t keep this career criminal where he belongs, behind bars. I am not sure why it’s called a Justice system when there is rarely any justice taking place anymore.

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