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County Count of Deer Collisions

To say deer are active this time of the year might be a bit of an understatement as it’s rut season and male deer are looking to pro-create and any doe will do.

With that in mind, motorists are reminded to be extra alert as they travel around the area, noting damage caused by a deer-vehicle collision can be costly.

Here in Illinois, Cook County actually reported more deer vehicle collisions than any other county in the state.

Locally, White, Wayne and Saline counties led the tally in deer-vehicle crashes.

There were 103 deer vehicle collisions in White County last year, up from the 84 reported in 2021.

Wayne County reported 114 crashes in 2022, down from the 125 reported in 2021.

Saline County reported 120 in 2021, but only 105 last year.

Hamilton County reported 52 last year and 51 deer vehicle crashes in 2021.

Edwards County recorded 14 crashes involving deer in 2021 and 12 last year.

Wabash County reported 40 in 2022 and 38 in 2021.

There were 27 deer-vehicle collisions reported in Gallatin County last year, down from 29 the previous year.


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  1. UHLE
    October 19, 2023 at 6:37 am

    That’s a very interesting trend seeing as cook county has 1.5 million registered passenger vehicles and White county has 6500. Maybe someone could get our legislators to work on changing the permitting rules and a late winter firearm season for White county instead of discussing firearm cartridges to hunt with.


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