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County Board Tensions Continue Surrounding Revenues

Tensions are nothing new to White County Board meetings.  While they didn’t erupt as they have in the past, Tuesday night’s March monthly gathering featured arguments surrounding Emergency Dispatching and Services provided along with an impressive onslaught of research and information from near 20 year White County 911 Director Julie Irwin.  At the end of the day, it all surrounds money.

The Carmi Police Department announced they were purchasing a building and moving out of the shared building they currently occupy with the Sheriff’s Department and County Jail back in October of 2021.  Based on the agenda items that received the most attention and talking points at Tuesday’s meeting, it’s apparent there is at least some concern over finances following that move, expected to happen now in June.  Two agenda items, one having the Ambulance Service participate in the dispatching agreement and two, having White County 911 revert to paying more of dispatch salaries resulted in some minor squabbling.

County Board Chairman Ron McAnulty set the table for the Ambulance Service…

That prompted Carmi Police Chief Jason Carter to add…

Ambulance Director Adam Allen opposes his department having to pay dispatch services because inmates receive medical care and transport at no cost.  Board member Jakie Carter and Allen say…

Prompting Board member Ken Usery to chime in…

Ultimately, the board voted to have the Ambulance Service begin paying $36,000 annually for dispatch fees as agreed to back in 2017.  No word on the $144,000 in arears that the alleged agreement called for 2018 through 2021.

With White County 911 in the crosshairs next, Julie Irwin peppered the board with figures showing how much more than it’s peers White County 911 has contributed to the county through dispatch since relocating from the Illinois State Police post in 2005.  Over 16 and a half years, 911 has averaged over $88,000 given.  The current cost per call Irwin says is about $12.29 per call for White County 911.  Some collar counties including Edwards and Wayne pay nothing she says while others similar in size are about half.

The agenda had originally called to revert to the original agreement having 911 pay for two of the dispatcher salaries rather than 1.  McAnulty responded…

The board ultimately decided to leave current agreement in place.

City Clerk Kelly Fulkerson announced a new mobile app for her office that will help the community in a variety of ways.  You can learn more about it by contacting the office or holding your smart phone up to scan the QR code on the picture below:

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  1. MJ
    March 11, 2022 at 4:19 pm

    Laziest article ever. Please give us a summary of what was actually said, instead of putting links to the audio. It’s your job as a reporter.


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