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County Board Approves Contract

County Board Approves Employees Contract


Following a series of long county board meetings, Tuesday night’s special White County Board meeting seemed to be conducted at light speed as the board covered three main items in less than 20 minutes.


The board approved a resolution of participation by elected county officials to the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund. The matter was visited last week at the regular county board meeting  but was tabled as the board  was under the impression new officials were not eligible for participation. Realizing the mistake the matter was approved without further questions.


The board also used the special meeting to approve the recent contract negotiations. That matter was also visited at last weeks meeting but was tabled to allow county officials to look over the contract. It was explained there were a few updates and corrections, specifically involving seniority and the seniority list. Those items were corrected and the board approved the contract, which means pay raises for county workers, some of whom will receive back pay to this past December.


In a final matter, the board approved a resolution agreement between the White County Circuit Clerk and the Illinois Comptroller. It was explained the agreement will basically authorize the circuit clerk to use the comptroller to help collect outstanding debt, such as unpaid fines, etc.

The next county board meeting will beheld at 7 p.m., Tuesday, March 12. The county board meets the third Tuesday of each month in the upstairs courtroom of the White County Courthouse.