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Chapmans Get Permit; Totten Honored at Carmi Council Meeting Tuesday

It took some time Tuesday, but it appears northern vigor finally met some southern hospitality by the end of the Carmi Council meeting.  Things got underway with a tender moment as Carmi Mayor Jeff Pollard and representatives from the Carmi Fire Department honored Jim Totten for his years of service to his community.  Surprised by the gesture, Totten would finally gather himself to say,

“The 36 years I gladly donated to the City of Carmi, as a firefighter, as a teacher, as many things.  I look back on those years as part of my memories of how great Carmi really is.  To Carmi fire, you guys I worked with for 36 years.  I’d like to thank you.  I’ve got many, many, many fond memories of things that’s happened, and things we’ve done, and how we’ve done it, plus the memories of past firemen [I’ve served with].”


Additionally Tuesday night, Council revisited the tabled item from last meeting, the mobile home permit for Joe and Marilyn Chapman.  Marilyn Chapman started by asking those with concerns, “Do we look like degenerates?” and continuing,

“Whomever is opposing this…three doors down, there is a house that looks like it has a perpetual garage sale going on.  There is a tarp over the garage.  So, you’re so concerned about what we’re going to do with the property or about your home values; I would be much more concerned about that home bringing my home values down rather than this brand new home.  We’ve already put down $7,500 in earnest money down because we’re that serious.”

Council would end up unanimously approving the permit.  The Baileys and Chapmans who will presumably be neighbors spent some time talking cordially after the meeting.

City officials will close down Robinson Street on Saturday, October 14th during Corn Day festivities from a section just east of the First Mid Bank ATM down past Church Street to Rhonda Blades office from 8am – 9pm.  The street closure will allow Whitney Barbre of Tumble Time Cheer and Fitness to open her inflatables and impede traffic from running where it can be presumed children will be running back and forth from carnival rides to inflatables.

Council approved Ordinance 1607 that will establish a stop sign for north and southbound traffic on Third Street at the Sycamore intersection near the school.  The principal says there are more kids walking this school year and it’s being done as a safety precaution.

Leaders also approved two Façade Improvement Grants; one for Carmi Taekwondo and the other for Don’s Bumper to Bumper.  Both businesses are having roof work done.

Brock Bolerjack was unanimously approved to be appointed to the Carmi Police Pension Fund Board.  He’s taking the spot held by the late Keith Hoskins.

And the franchisee that will open Arby’s in the former Taco Factory property on Falcon Avenue will receive tax benefits.  Holly Healy with the City of Carmi explains.

“When Heather opened the Taco Factory, the city did a 10 year property tax agreement with her where we reimbursed her up to 75% of her property taxes for up to 10 years.  Because that 10 year period is not up, it was written where it was transferrable if she sold the property.  She sold the property, but legally to protect the the city, we do need to pass the resolution if you choose to do so to give Arby’s the remainder of the tax benefit.”

It’s believed there are 3 years left in that incentive agreement.

Mayor Pollard says the City has been selected to participate in the second round of the Strong Communities Program.  The grant amounts to $120,000 and the mayor says next year the public may see activity on acquiring and tearing down some properties within the municipality.

Pollard also says council members should start preparing for a couple agenda items he says are coming soon.  One will be discussion over the City Dump & Compost site.  He says council needs to consider looking at the current rules and regulations for both locations.  Also, he would like council to consider looking at an ordinance on making landlords responsible for their rental properties to include clean up, past and current utility bills in arrears.

Council adjourned at 6:09pm and will meet again October 3rd at 5:30pm.

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  1. Jean Michels
    Jean Michels
    September 20, 2023 at 8:32 am

    I hope that the property is upon the north end of town in the alley between 6th and 7th / Maple and Shipley. Also o north 6th street that is an eye sore Noth location.


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