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Carmi Police Make Three Weekend Arrests

John Rankin

The busy Friday continued through the weekend for Carmi Police.  Saturday afternoon, just before 4pm, authorities arrested 58 year old John Rankin of Valter Drive.  He was arrested at Pundrakes after allegedly entering the vehicle of a 37 year old white female without permission and taking the keys.  The victim signed a complaint and the report indicates Rankin later admitted to entering the vehicle and taking the keys.  He was arrested and is being charged with Burglary and Theft.


Lauryn Schnitzler

At a quarter before 6pm on the same night, Carmi Police responded to 108 South Woodlawn.  After an investigation, law enforcement arrested 22 year old Lauryn Schnitzler of that address.  She’s been charged with Domestic Battery and remains behind bars at the White County Jail until she appears before a judge.  Schnitzler was out on conditional discharge following a March 2023 Disorderly Conduct conviction.


Evan James

Sunday night, at 10pm, Carmi Police made an arrest at Hucks.  66 year old Evan James of Maunie is free on pre trial release after an officer conducted a consent search on James’ vehicle and found Cannabis in the vehicle.  James was subsequently taken to the White County Jail for booking and then released.


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