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Carmi City Council Preview

About ten items are scheduled to be discussed and potentially approved at the Carmi City Council’s next gathering, scheduled for Tuesday at 225 East Main Street.  One thing that isn’t on the agenda however is resident issues in the Hillsdale area since work began to update water systems there.  Several residents have taken to social media to express concern over problems they’ve experienced in their homes.  At least one person says they had a water heater blow.  Another said a local plumber told her since the work began, he’s had to install expansion tanks on several water heaters in the area.

Items scheduled to be tackled however include the reappointment of Brent Hammell to the Carmi Board of Fire and Police Commission.  Excess equipment bids will be opened.  A pay request to Sierra Bravo Contractors in the amount of $49,000 is expected to be approved.  Multiple ordinances will be considered and the council is expected to discuss financing a new bucket truck instead of paying for it out of the bond fund as previously approved.

WROY/WRUL will have a reporter at the meeting and a recap can be expected Wednesday morning.


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