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Alex King, CRNA receives the Clinical Instructor of the Year Award & Mason Spitzner, DNAP, CRNA receives the Agatha Hodgins Award during the University of Evansville Inaugural Graduation Ceremony

Alex King, CRNA, who works in Fairfield Memorial Hospital Surgical Services Department was recently awarded the Clinical Instructor of the Year Award. This award was given by the University of Evansville Nurse Anesthesia Program at the inaugural graduation ceremony on December 16th, 2023.

The Clinical Instructor of the Year Award is an award that honors instructors who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in the clinical education of CRNA students as a mentor and instructor.

“Nurse Anesthesia programs simply cannot be successful without the clinical education experiences offered by health system partners and the amazing individuals who provide anesthetic care for patients within these systems.” Stated Dr. Aleksander Nagornay, DNP, CRNA. “When Dr. Fitch began visiting clinical sites in 2019 and 2020 to determine who would offer the best clinical experiences for our future CRNAs, the team at Fairfield Memorial Hospital was extremely welcoming and eager to provide exceptional clinical education experiences to our students. Once our students began clinical rotations, it was obvious that, while he may be one of the toughest preceptors to work with our students, Alex King was going to be one of the CRNAs who would offer unforgettable clinical experiences.”

“I am extremely honored to have been chosen as clinical instructor of the year by the first graduating class of the UE Nurse Anesthesia program. This award reflects the high-quality evidence-based practice anesthesia our team, consisting of Kim King, Betty Sagovac, Mason Spitzner, and myself, bestows upon the nurse anesthesia residents. FMH’s commitment and support in providing excellent training opportunities for UE nurse anesthesia is invaluable to the CRNA profession. The Surgical-Medical team at FMH exemplifies excellence and they are instrumental to the FMH Anesthesia team being able to provide top-notch clinical education to the UE nurse anesthesia program. I view the honor of receiving this award as a testament to the eliteness of the FMH surgical and medical staff and most importantly the FMH anesthesia team. We look forward to continuing to provide unique and excellent training opportunities for future anesthesia residents to come.” Stated Alex King, CRNA

Alongside Alex, FMH’s newest CRNA, Mason Spitzner received the Agatha Hodgins Award. The Agatha Hodgins CRNA Memorial Award is presented annually to an outstanding graduate who, based on both scholastic achievement and clinical performance, demonstrated the dedication and enthusiasm that best symbolizes the qualities desired in a Nurse Anesthetist.

This award honors Agatha Hodgins, CRNA (1877-1945), founder and first president of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists. Miss Hodgins was one of the first to perfect the nitrous oxide-oxygen technique of anesthesia. In 1915, she founded the first formal school for anesthesia at Lakeside Hospital in Cleveland and was a visionary force in the establishment of the practice of nurse anesthesia.

“Mason’s hard work and dedication is shown in his excellent academic achievements, his amazing clinical performance, and his dedication to the Nurse Anesthesia Profession.” Stated Dr. Matthew Harmon, DNP, CRNA.

Fairfield Memorial Hospital is proud to acknowledge Alex King, CRNA and Mason Spitzner, DNAP, CRNA for these prestigious recognitions.

Pictured is Dr. Aleksander Nagornay, DNP, CRNA awarding Alex King, CRNA with the Clinical Instructor of the Year Award.

Pictured in the second photo is Dr. Matthew Harmon, DNP, CRNA awarding Mason Spitzner, CRNA with the Agatha Hodgins Award.


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