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Abandoned homes, water issues hot topics at Monday’s Grayville City Council meeting

The Grayville City Council met Monday for the second time in July, and tackled a variety of topics.

Following the Treasurer’s report and an eight minute executive session, the Council instructed City Attorney Jay Walden to draft a letter to Carrier Electronics in regards to default the contract for the radio telemetry system.

John Stockton addressed the Council in regards to a tree on his property that he says died as a result of the installation of a 10 inch water line last year.  The Council agreed to work with him on the possible removal of the tree.

Sharon Butler then addressed the Council about three abandoned and derelict properties in her neighborhood that are dragging her property values down.  Mayor Joe Bisch sympathized with her, but explained that in many ways, the City’s hands are tied.   Walden told Butler that the City is exploring avenues to correct the issues, but it does take time.  Butler also addressed the water problems in the City, showing the Council a video sent by her granddaughter of the water coming out of the tap.  Again, Bisch told those present that the City is doing all it can to address the issue.

Melissa Trout was present to explain that the ownership of Tequila Sheila’s is transferring to her, and applied for a change in ownership on the liquor license.  The move was approved pending a background check.

A request for a liquor permit by Haley Malone for her new business was denied at this time, due to her request not falling under any existing ordinance.

The Council was updated on other properties the City would like to acquire for demolition, and that process is continuing.

The Council then unanimously approved an intergovernmental cooperation contract with the Illinois Municipal League Risk Management Association, and approved the White County Multi-Hazard Mitigation plan.

The resignation of Casey Hebner from the Library Board was accepted, and Miranda Morris was appointed to fill the vacancy.

A mutual aid agreement between the City and the Little Wabash Fire Protection District was approved, and the Council approved the final pay request for the sewer project at $68,104.12.   The Council then approved the resident project representatives for the Phase 2 Rural Development water project, and approved contracts for the completion of the water line and well projects.

Mayor Bisch reported that the bids for the park grant project were too high, and that they continue to work with contractors on the bids for future submission.

Commissioner David Jordan reported an oil income of $2,819.54.  The meeting adjourned at 7:50, and the Grayville City Council will meet again on Monday, August 14th at 7 pm.