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A Quick Meeting for CWC School Board

The Carmi-White County School Board met Tuesday night instead of the usual Monday, due to that day being President’s Day.  Scott Mareing was there and has this report…

District Transportation Director Will Knight reviewed the vehicle bids that were discussed at last month’s meeting.  Board President Whetstone noted that he hadn’t looked closely enough at first and then realized that the engine on the ¾ ton suburban they had been looking at was equipped with a three liter engine, which is built for performance, not durability, so it wouldn’t last as long compared to a 6.6 liter.  After consulting the other board members, they agreed, so the board decided to approve the purchase of four 71 passenger buses in the amount of $173,477 per vehicle, one 63 passenger bus with lift for $173,596 and trade-in of two buses at $19,000 per bus and three at $27,000 per bus.  Also approved was not to surplus the trade-in of one cargo van and accepted the bids for the surplus of a 2004 Freightliner school bus in the amount of $1,775.50 and a 2003 Chevy Suburban for $755.50.  They then rejected the previous bid on the ¾ ton suburban and will rebid for one with the bigger engine.

Also approved was a Memorandum of Understanding with the Carmi-White County Education Association that the ten teachers who had coursework approved for horizontal advancement prior to the approval of a collective bargaining agreement covering all school years up to 2024-2025, shall be placed in their appropriate educational column on the schools for the 2024-25 school year.  They then will advance one additional step vertically on the 2024-25 salary schedule, effective at the beginning of that school year.  The collective bargaining agreement provides that all teachers had or will have their salaries increased by the same percentage over their previous year’s salaries.

In the Superintendent’s report, Jarrod Newell noted that the spring musical Junie B. Jones will be performed by the CWCHS Fine Arts Department March 15th through the 17th.  Students and staff will be on spring break from March 25th to the 29th.  And to date they have used three emergency days due to the weather.  If no more are used, the last attendance day for students would be May 24th and the last day for staff would be May 28th.

The Consent Agenda was approved, which consisted of the dates for the various graduations and $750 in donations to the Brownsville School.

The board went into closed session at 7:23 PM.



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