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USDA Crop Count

USDA Crop Count   Starting in late August, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) will contact farmers to get an update on yield prospects for corn and soybeans.   NASS field staff will also begin making counts and measurements in selected fields across Illinois.   “Field... Read More.

Hamilton County Covid Count

Hamilton County Covid Numbers   Hamilton County Health Department released the Tuesday Covid count reporting three new positive confirmed cases.   There was a male child, one female teen and one female in her thirties according to the Hamilton County Health Department.   There have been 973 positive cases in... Read More.

Covid Count

Covid Count     The Egyptian Health Department reported 97 cases of Covid 19 over the weekend and Monday throughout the three county region covered by EHD.   There were 43 new cases in Saline County, ten in Gallatin and 44 in White County.   The White County cases included a... Read More.

Latest Covid Count

Egyptian Health Department’s latest CoViD numbers are out and the uptick in cases continues.  White County was without a single new case June 1st through 17th and only saw 5 new cases in total during the month of June.  New cases, which are suspected... Read More.

Olney White Squirrel Count Down

Olney White Squirrel Count Down The annual white squirrel count in Olney has produced some concerning numbers.  Volunteers identified 58 albino squirrels during several days in mid-October, compared to last year’s count of 71.  Experts predict the extinction of the albino squirrel by the year... Read More.

SIC Archery Team Wins Gold Medal Count in Alabama

After a disappointing start to the 2017 collegiate archery season in early October, the Southeastern Illinois College Archery Falcons finished the month with a vengeance by capturing four gold medals at the USA Archery Collegiate 3D Championships in Foley, Alabama. Emmanuel College in... Read More.