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WVC Reduces Truck Driving Certificate Costs


Wabash Valley College is pleased to announce a reduction in the cost of the Truck Driving Certificate effective immediately. Utilizing the newly acquired Virage VS600M Truck Driving Simulator, students are now able to complete the certificate requirements with a combination of over-the-road training and simulator exercises. The Virage VS600M Simulator allows students to practice their truck driving skills before and during their over-the-road training required for the certificate. The truck-driving-photoSimulator also allows for the instructor to record and analyze data about shifting patterns, fuel consumption, and many other driving related skills to improve students’ learning outcomes.

The commercial Truck Driving program is structured to allow an individual to become proficient in the operation of trucks and semi-trailers. The end result is for the student to test for an Illinois Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and DOT certification. Successful completers are employed in areas ranging from delivery to “over-the-road” transport, including specialty trucks such as UPS and the U.S. Mail.

The Truck Driving program is a hands-on course consisting of 75 classroom hours, 40 hours of individual behind-the-wheel driving time, and 10 hours of simulator training. Behind-the-wheel driving is scheduled between the student and driver trainer outside of regular classroom hours. Students must pass a D.O.T. physical examination and a D.O.T. drug test, a written examination on driving regulations, and a driving test. Students should have good hearing and at least 20-40 vision with or without glasses or contacts, be able to lift heavy objects, and be in good health.

For more information or to enroll in the Truck Driving program, contact Tom Sarg at 618-263-5186 or [email protected].