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Woman Battered; Claims Boyfriend Planted Drugs at Scene

States Attorney Denton Aud will be reviewing information sent to him by White County Sheriff’s authorities and arrests are possible following an alleged Domestic Battery in northern White County.  White County Sheriff’s authorities along with White County Ambulance personnel were dispatched to County Road 2100 North about a quarter mile east of County Road 250 in response to a woman saying she’d been attacked.  50 year old Beverly Newman was found at the scene, a campsite.  According to the report, Newman says she and her boyfriend, 50 year old Eric Masterson had gotten into a disagreement earlier in the day and she left to go the campsite.  She says Masterson came after her, smashed out her window, drug her out of her truck by her hair and threw her to the ground.  Found at the campsite was a small plastic bag filled with what officers believed to be meth as well as a broken glass smoking pipe.  She told officers the items weren’t hers and before taking off, Masterson had told her he was going to send her to prison and that she believes he planted them for that purpose.  The officer remarks in the report the location and proximity of the items to where fresh tire tracks and the direction they were travelling.

Newman refused transport to a medical facility and refused to sign a complaint against Masterson.  An investigation into exactly what happened is ongoing with potential consequences still to come.  Back at the office, the pipe and white crystalline substance both field tested positive for meth.