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White County Board Moves Forward with Feasibility Study for New Courthouse Thursday

White County officials are continuing to work toward the feasibility of constructing a new courthouse.  During Thursday morning’s White County Board meeting, board members moved forward with ordering that study following a Building Committee meeting prior to the regularly scheduled gathering.  The cost of the feasibility study is not to exceed $8,500.

Also during the 45 minute regular session, board members heard updates from county officers including Treasurer Mike Baxley who says the county has a net cash position of $10,590,817 as of the end of August.  White County Ambulance Director Adam Allen reported his department had a significant loss ($24,359.22) this month and gave the following explanation.

“That’s a continuance of what I mentioned last month with the Illinois Medicare/Medicaid.  I got an email Monday stating that when our licensure application was submitted to them, whoever submitted it stated we had a Medi-Car which is basically a transport vehicle for non emergency transports.  However, we do not.  After the infancy of White County Ambulance to now, they’re just now finding this.  So this has really thrown a wrench into it.”

Allen says his office is submitting paperwork, and the money will be there, that it will all be straightened out “in the months to come”.

White County Sheriff Jordan Weiss says the department’s new rifles and pistols have been ordered and his agency is back up to full staff with the hire of Ethan Jones, a certified police officer in Norris City currently.  He’ll join the force in October.

States Attorney Denton Aud is getting a new Assistant States Attorney.  He says her first day will be Monday, coinciding with the state’s new Pre-Trial Fairness Act going into effect.

The board approved the county’s annual contribution of $2,500 toward the White County Soil & Water Conservation District and also approved final payments to ADG Architecture ($38,878) and Johannes Construction ($83,160) out of ARPA funds for work on the former Carmi Times building.

Ryan Ruble from White County Probation addressed the board asking them to consider updating the office’s phone system.  Pam Barbee of Southern 14 Workforce also gave her annual report and the board approved the landscape plan submitted and revised by Big River Solar.

The board would end up tabling a consideration on Sick and Vacation time for Ambulance Director Adam Allen following discussion.  Allen works in a dual role as a salaried department head, yet he also works as an EMT.  He asked the board to consider providing him sick and vacation time as he currently doesn’t technically get that benefit.  As a salaried employee, he also is able to schedule his own time off.  It’s a predicament according to at least some board members who agree he should get the benefit; they couldn’t muster a full-fledged solution during the meeting however.

There was no executive session.  The next County Board meeting is scheduled for October 17th at 7pm.


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