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Water Plant Update, Storm Damage, and More from Norris City Village Meeting

The Norris City Village Board met Monday night.  Scott Mareing was there and has this report…

In update on the new water plant, the plan is to move the location of the plant to where the grand storage tanks are, which is closer to the highway.  It should give the village better water pressure.

Concerning Phase IV of the water project, the board members approved an amendment on the amount of the fee to Brown & Roberts Engineering, raising it to $93,135.

The water tower in Dale will be filled up with 75,000 gallons of water on Tuesday.

The Tax Levy for this fiscal year was received from Botsch & Associates, and was approved.

The village will now use Direct Deposit for all deposits to Banterra Bank, including payroll checks, and all fees have been waved.

The village will enforce peddler permits for those selling goods around town, but that doesn’t include residents of Norris City.

The board members will look into a new five year contract with Bulldog Services for trash hauling, with approval at next month’s meeting.

They will continue to advertise for bids for the lot at 506 North Division Street and open them at next month’s meeting.

Revisions to the Motor fuel Tax monies for 2023-24 were approved.

Due to the storm damage on May 26th, the village will move the debris for those physically unable to do so, such as seniors. They will also look into getting a wood chipper.

There is currently no Source Water Protection Plan for Norris City, but they are currently in the process of getting one.

The board members turned down Third Pillar Solar’s request for a permit to build a floating solar farm.

The pavilion, carport and tables are up at the park, although there are not enough parking spots.

Loud dirt bikes and motorcycles have been a problem, and police will be cracking down on them.

An appropriations plan will be on the agenda for next month’s meeting.

The village is trying to obtain a Rebuild Downtown and Main Street beautification grant, including street lights and sidewalks.

There was an offhand discussion for about 15 minutes on the fire Monday night that burned down Bond’s Lumber & Hardware.  Many of the comments concerned several members of the public refusing to keep a safe distance watching the fire burn.

There were no Police or Animal Control reports.  The board adjourned at 8:25 PM.  The next meeting  of the village board will be on Monday July 1st at 7 PM.


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