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Trash Rates Go Up for Mill Shoals

The Mill Shoals board met for their March meeting with their first topic pertaining to the new rates of the Community Center. Several rates were proposed along with how many hours rental would occur. Unfortunately no agreement was made, with President Gray asking everyone to think on the issue and tabled the item until their April meeting.

Attorney Turpin had relayed to the board that he was given an Ordinance and Resolution to hire a police officer to the Illinois Training and Standards Board, of which the ITSB did not accept. Turpin stated that he was waiting on the ITSB to send him an example of what would be acceptable.

New trash rates will go up $1 starting April 1st. Also on April 1st, the 2024-2025 Recreational Stickers will be available.

Next on the agenda, the members received one bid to repair the garage doors, but will be waiting for others. During the inspection, it was discovered that a post was rotted off at ground level and would need repaired prior to the actual doors being replaced. The board agreed, and Trustee West and village resident Bill Doggett offered to help the Village with repairing the post.

Morgan Doggett with Drew Lane Consultants prepared a contract proposal last month and was awaiting the board’s approval at the meeting. It was unanimously agreed that the board will continue to use DLC as the consultant firm.

Trustee West informed the Village Water Superintendent Wayne Carter that there may be another water leak on Cherry Street, as water was running down the road. Carter was in attendance and made a note of that, while also telling the board that he had taken gravel around to all the fixed water leaks to level them up for traffic to cross.

Lastly, Clerk Tullis relayed that he would like to put a new drop box in the current town hall rather than the old one.

The next Village of Mill Shoals board meeting will be on April 4th at 7:00pm.


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