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Traffic stop yields pair of arrests by Carmi Police Tuesday night

spoonemore april 2-17-16 ott richard 2-17-16

A traffic stop on Tuesday night resulted in the arrest of two Carmi residents by City Police.  Officers initiated the stop on 5th Street near Elm just before before 9pm for only having one headlight.  The driver, 37 year old April Spoonemore was given a verbal warning for the offence, but her passenger, 30 year old Richard Ott was found to be wanted on a White County Warrant and was taken into custody.

A search of Ott turned up 10 diazepam pills, 16.4 grams of marijuana, and a packet of rolling papers.  A consent search of the vehicle was made and officers also asked to search Spoonemore’s purse.  Spoonemore handed the officer an empty whiskey bottle, and she was also taken into custody.  A further search yielded a syringe, methamphetamine, cannabis, and paraphernalia.

Both Ott and Spoonemore were transported to the White County Jail and are being held without bond pending a court hearing on the drug charges. The warrant on Ott requires a $300 bond.