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Sturgal Talks Pup and Company Inn at Kiwanis Thursday

Kati Sturgal grew up surrounded by dogs, cats, horses, birds, and all sorts of animals.  Sturgal’s mom, Kathy Johnson has been involved in animal rescue for over 25 years and being that close to it rubbed off on Kati.  After taking a trip and boarding her Golden Doodle, Labradoodle, and Yorkie at Blessed Pets and then talking with her husband about ways to save and make more money, they landed on looking to open a boarding facility.

“We just decided to jump.  So last October, in a matter of like 3 weeks we were able to get a loan, approved for our money, ahold of a really great Amish guy who came and built our pole barn in less than 3 weeks so we got a structure up and the ball started rolling.”

Pup and Company Inn, LLC officially launched March 1st.  The building is 1,800 square feet and houses a total of 8 “bedrooms”.  The space also features a homey “living room” space complete with a couch, chair, and TV to allow pups to truly feel like they’re at a home away from home.

“This is still a work in progress but it gives you an idea.  What I tell people when they reach out is that you’re dog has it’s own bedroom, but it will also get some free living room time and there’s a play yard outside that we’ll eventually expand as well.”

Rates are $30 per day.  Sturgal says if you have multiple dogs that can stay in the same room, she offers half price for the second animal.  You can find her on facebook by searching for Pup and Company Inn, email her for more information at [email protected], or call 618-383-2333.


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