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Shock Sentenced Further Wednesday; Will Be Jailed Until 2064

24 year old Zachery J. Shock hasn’t been this busy since he broke out of jail.  Following his sentencing of 31 and a half years for murder and aggravated discharge of a firearm charges Tuesday in Hamilton County, Shock had a date with the honorable Mark Stanley Wednesday.

Shock was sentenced to 3 more felonies Wednesday, Escape, Criminal Damage to Property and Aggravated Battery.  The aggravated battery charge stems from an April incident when Shock punched another inmate while incarcerated.  He received the full sentence possible for each conviction, 7 years for escape, and 5 years each for criminal damage and aggravated battery.  Each sentence will be served consecutively adding an additional 17 years to his 31 and a half sentence that was handed down Tuesday.

Shock was represented by Rhonda Blades in White County and Nathan Rowland in Hamilton County.  Attorneys Denton Aud and Justin Hood represented the State in White and Hamilton, respectively.  Judge Barry Vaughan was the presiding judge in Hamilton County.

Aud issued a statement along with the sentencing saying, “The resolution of these very serious cases was obtained through a coordinated effort with Hamilton County State’s Attorney Justin Hood as our offices thoroughly and diligently evaluated the evidence and relevant law of our respective cases to work closely together to obtain this conclusion. Shock was sentenced to a very lengthy total amount of years for his criminal activities in White County and Hamilton County with him having to serve multiple decades before he becomes eligible for parole. I cannot praise enough the efforts of all of the various law enforcement entities that assisted in these cases. My prayer is that those affected by this tragic situation can find some form of peace and closure.”

In total, Shock will spend the next 48 ½ years in prison before he’s eligible for parole.  That will be sometime in 2064 when you take into account credit for 660 days time served.  Shock will be 70 years old.