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Rep. Reis presents Bicentennial resolution to City of Carmi

State Representative David Reis presented Carmi Mayor Jeff Pollard a copy of a resolution passed by the Illinois House proclaiming Carmi’s Bicentennial celebration.



WHEREAS, On April 10, 1816, in a log cabin now known as the

Robinson Stewart House, a town was born; the leaders decided to

call the new county seat Carmi, a name mentioned eight times in

Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Joshua, and First Chronicles; and

WHEREAS, Carmi was a log cabin village founded on the bank

of the Little Wabash River; there were no streets – only dirt

roads; the village had promise of beauty and gracious living

even in a backwoods settlement; and

WHEREAS, Many came to Carmi from Virginia and the

Carolinas, where they had been accustomed to stately houses and

appreciated good architecture, art, literature, and music;

Carmi grew fast and settlers poured in; more and more cabins

were built and the town was thriving; by 1818, White County was

the third most populous county in the State; and

WHEREAS, The Little Wabash River which flows through Carmi

once marked the dividing line between the forest and the

prairie; and

WHEREAS, As the early settlers of White County poured into

the area, a mill on the river became the first business in town

to serve early farmers; today, Carmi continues to serve the

agriculture industry; and

WHEREAS, Today, the majority of farmers plant grain, corn,

soybeans, and wheat; there are also a growing number of farmers

who are turning to vegetable and specialty crops and a growing

number of farmers raising livestock; and

WHEREAS, Each year, more than $42.5 million of crops and

$4.5 million of livestock and livestock products are produced

and sold from White County; all of this is produced on 188,400

acres of cropland or 234,900 acres of total farmland, which is

controlled and operated by 448 farms; and

WHEREAS, Farming is a major source of income in White

County, but agricultural-related employment with fertilizer

companies, grain elevators, implement dealers, seed dealers,

accounting firms specializing in farm accounting, high school

agriculture teachers, and many other areas of agriculture still

provide most of the area’s jobs; and

WHEREAS, Agriculture is a cherished way of life for people

in White County and it provides a natural place to raise a

family and enjoy the harmonious relationship between nature and

the industrialized world; and

WHEREAS, Carmi is a community built on farming and

continues to reap the rewards of strong agricultural tradition;


WHEREAS, One of Carmi’s most famous visitors was Abraham

Lincoln, who visited the community to speak at a political

rally in 1840 and stayed in the building now known as the

Ratcliff Inn, which is a part of the White County Historical

Society; and

WHEREAS, The area was rich in natural resources and early

settlers used the river for transportation; the oil business in

Carmi goes back to 1939 with the discovery of the first oil

well in the area; nearly 75 years later, White County has

produced over a quarter million barrels of oil per year and

remains one of the top three oil producing counties in the

State of Illinois; it is still a hub of the industry for the

location of service companies; and

WHEREAS, The growth of the oil service industry is

expanding the services already offered, from drilling and

completion rigs, pulling units, supply companies, acidizing

and stimulation, cased hole logging and perforating, drill pipe

and casing inspection, coring services, down hole completion

tools, rock bit services, down hole production chemical

services, and injection pump and valve repair; and

WHEREAS, With a new facility that increases the reserves of

obtainable coal by 140 million tons, White County Coal is

positioned to aggressively develop new markets and additional

services and to establish itself as the supplier of choice for

customers, including services such as ash and scrubber

disposal; and

WHEREAS, A surprising amount of Carmi history, including

the Webb-Hay House, the Old Graveyard, Robinson Stewart House,

the Ratcliff Inn, and the L. Haas Store Museum, still stands

downtown; and

WHEREAS, Carmi takes pride in the tranquil beauty

throughout the town, the dedication of its loyal citizens, the

outstanding school system, and the continued success of the

business community; and

WHEREAS, To commemorate Carmi’s 200th birthday, 200 native

trees have been planted to help beautify the town for future

generations; and

WHEREAS, Carmi’s bicentennial festivities planned

throughout the year include Memorial Day, July 4th, Corn Day,

and the It’s a White County Christmas celebration in November;

therefore, be it



congratulate Mayor Jeff Pollard and the citizens of Carmi as

they celebrate the 200th anniversary of their community and

wish them many more years of success and prosperity in the

future; and be it further

RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be

presented to the Mayor of Carmi as a symbol of our respect and