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Radio Amateur Field Day 2017 June 25th

For over one hundred years Amateur Radio has been a source of entertainment, education, training and development in the name of hobby, vocation, and community service.

In the United States alone there are over seven hundred and fifty thousand licensed Amateur Radio Operators who share in varying degrees a common interest in communications technology, global communication, and the ability to communicate “When All Else Fails” in times of emergency.

Come see what we do and how we do it at out annual Field Day exercise @ 105 Parker Street in Parkersburg Illinois from noon June 24th thru noon June 25th. The members of the Radio Amateur Downstate Illinois Organization would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate their skills, explain the operation of the equipment and the licensing requirements to join in this activity. We will also have information available on training materials and available class sessions. We can even let you try it for yourself under licensed supervision.

That’s Radio Amateur Field Day, June 24th and 25th, noon to noon @ 105 Parker Street in Parkersburg Illinois. For further information, contact Bill Shrode KC9TFD by e mail @ [email protected] or call 618-442-7718 before 7pm.